Adaptive Power Optimization of Onchip SNUCA Cache on Tiled Chip Multicore Architecture using Remap Policy

Aparna Mandke, Bharadwaj Amrutur, Y.N.Srikant

Advances in technology have increased the number of cores and size of caches present on chip multicore platforms(CMPs). As a result, leakage power consumption of on-chip caches has already become a major power consuming component of the memory subsystem. Hence, we propose to reduce leakage power consumption in static nonuniform access cache(SNUCA) on a tiled CMP by dynamically varying the number of used cache slices and shutting off unused cache slices. A cache slice in a tile includes all cache banks present in that tile. Switched-off cache slices are remapped considering the communication costs to reduce cache usage with minimal impact on execution time. This saves leakage power consumption in switched-off L2 cache slices. On an average, the remap policy achieves 41% and 49% higher EDP savings than static and dynamic NUCA(DNUCA) cache policies on a scalable tiled CMP, respectively.