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IISc follows a credit structure. Each subject has a specified number of credits. Each credit stands for one lecture hour per week or 3 hours of practical. The credit for the course is of the form x:y, where x is the credits for lecture hours and y is the credits for practical. In some cases, where there is limited scope for practical, y refers to the credits for solving problems through tutorial sessions of 3 hours per week.
In practice, you may (or will?) have to spend more than 3 hours per week for 1 credit of practical. Every subject in CSA department has a lot of practical content, wherever there is any scope for it. Unlike undergraduate studies, practicals don't have any timings. You just have to spend time and complete the assignments. You will find numbers associated with each of the subjects. For example,

E0 361 Topics in Databases 3:1
E0 223 Automated Verification 3:1
E1 254 Game Theory 3:1

Here E in E0 stands for the fact that the course is offered by in the Division of Electrical Sciences. 0 stands for Computer Science discipline, 1 stands for Intelligent Systems and Automation discipline etc. The number 228 is course number, where the first 2 stands for 200 level. A 200 level course is at Master level. A 300 Level course is at Research level.

The courses at IISc are classified as hard core, soft core or elective for every branch. Hard core means the course is compulsory. Soft core means it belongs to a pool from which some specified number of credits has to be completed. A CSE student has to take a total of at least 16 credits. MTech students have to take at least 64 credits of which 24 credits are for the project. In the first two semesters, they will be taking 16-18 credits in each semester and the remaining credits in the subsequent semester. Of course, you can decide the exact split up depending on your curriculum requirements in consultation with your faculty advisor.



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