Student Name Project Title
Narendra.T.M An O(N) message Algorithm for Causal Ordering of messages in Distributed Systems
A.Venkateswara Reddy Zero Knowledge Variants of Guillou-Quisquater & Schnorr  Identification Protocols
Sheena Matthew Stream Cipher-Algorithms and Analysis
Neelesh Pratap singh Improving Application Performance Through Swap Compression
Yogesh Kumar Jain Region Based Combined Register Allocation and Instruction Scheduling For Predicted Architectures
Ravi .U. Koti SIMHA - A Simulation Environment for Internet Auctions
S.V.N.Vishwanathan. Associativity Maps
P. Sudheer Kumar Reddy SC-PROMISE Supply Chain-Process Modeling and Simulation Environment
Vikash Agarwal Overlaying Trellises for Block Codes
Vijaya Saradhi Uppalure Portable Architecture Workbench for Cache Simulation And Locality Reference Modeler
Rajarshi Bhattacharya Design of Synchronized Supply Chains : A Six Sigma Tolerancing Approaches
K S R Chandra Murty Linux Kernel for Thin Clients
N V Krishna Type verification of Java Byte Code
Rohit A Seive Based Techniques for Integer factorization and Discrete Log Problem
Venkatesh Hammigi Performance Evaluation Study Cache Coherency and Concurrency Control Algorithms for Distributed
Saurabh Tiwari Development of modules and heuristics for a Web Search Engine
Vijayakumar E. Data Redistribution in a Parallelizing Compiler for Fortran
Nitin Kamble System Software for the SIMPUTER
Ratnakar Goyal System Software for the SIMPUTER
G.Deva Krupamma. Implementation Studies on Block Ciphers
Bijaya Laxmi Nanda Highly Available Communication for LAN-Based Clusters
Madhu Kumar S.D "A Software Tool for Assessing Software Reuse Libraries"
Vivek Prakash Khandekar Media Transmission Over IPV6
Pankaj Risbood Temperature Sensitive Storage for Linux
S.R. Biju Automatic Source Code Generation from UML State Chart Diagrams
Satheesh Konidala Query Processing and Optimization in OSHADHI
U Ramakrishna A Tool for Optimal Code Generation based on attributed  Context free grammar
N Harinadh System Software for the SIMPUTER
Ch.Madhava Rao The Spatial Perspective of OSHADHI
Preeti Soni Extension to MoDL
Someshwar R Parate Differentiated Services on LINUX
S.Ganesh Kumar SIRPI-LAB : A Complete Voxel Modeling Tool
Mansoor Ali Khan A Predictable Management of System Resources for Linux
S.M. Sandya Instruction scheduling Techniques in SUIF For Value Speculation
Rajarao Tadimeti Database Habitats for Biological Species : Handling Taxonomy Data in OSHADHI
D.Phaneendra Kumar. Crptanalysis of RC6
Piyush Rai A Tool for Optimal Code Generation based on attributed context Free grammar
D.Mohan Reddy A Speech Synthesis System Software for the SIMPUTER
Jagadish Kumar Agrawal System Software for the SIMPUTER
T.S.Ajai Design Approaches for Minimizing the Communication for Thin  Clients
Kasbe.Sujit.Shravan Network Simulator Enhancement
L. Phani Pavan Kumar SIRPI-LAB : A Complete Voxel Modeling Tool
Preeti Soni Developement of Anaamika
Kuldeep Sureshrao Nagarkar QoS Parameter Negotiation and Scheduling of Real Time Applications on a Linux Kernels
Suresh Babu S Persistent Snapshots
Tushar kanta swain Parameter Estimation for Optimal replication of Network directory entries
Prakash Jalan A Circulation coin based fair Electronic Payment System
Amit H. Rangari Implementation of simple COMA Simulator on RSIM
Veeral P. Shah Copy Propagation Optimization and Linear Scan Register Allocation in JIT Compilation
Md. Sakawat Hossain An Approach for Component Based Software Development in an Object Oriented Development
M.Srikanth Chowdary A Speech Synthesis System for Telugu Language
Sangeeta Asrani Implementation of a New Technique for Matching XSL Patterns
Anita Pati One Pass Code Generator Using Recursive Parser Like Techniques
Jeevan Kumar Rathod Object Oriented Modeling and Simulation
Balu John A Data Management API for Linux Ext2 File System


Student Name Project Title
K. Rajaram Association Rules for Binary Patterns
Shashidhar Banger Segmentation of Moving Objects in Video Sequence
Rajni Kant Lal AHA - An Internet Auction House Application Server
B.N.Chandrashekar Performance Evaluation Study of Authentication Protocols for Distributed Systems
Seshendra Gadagottu Fault Tolerant Issues In Structure based Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithms
Deepak Kumar System Software for the SIMPUTER
M . Ram Kumar Design of a Fault Tolerant Total Ordering Broadcast Protocol and its Performance Evaluation
Srikanth Audio Based Video Segmentation in MPEG-1
N.Rama Muralidhara Reddy A Video realistic Talking Head
Manoj Kumar Recognizing Human Facial Expressions using Potential Net
Shekhar A Amlekar Performance Improvement in Packetized Audio Applications, Using Source Routing through Multiple Paths and Adaptive Playout at the Receiver
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