M. Narasimha Murty (Professor)


PhD (1982, IISc)



Selected Journal Publications (each has 10 or more number of citations as per Google Scholar)
  • M. N. Murty and G. Krishna, A computationally efficient technique for data clustering, Pattern Recognition, Vol. 12, pp. 153, 1980.(No. of citations: 19)
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Book Chapters
  • M. N. Murty and A. Negi, A Knowledge-Based Approach to Cluster Analysis, in Systems and Signal Processing, pp. 747-755, edited by R. N. Madan, N. Viswanadham, and R. L. Kashyap, Oxford and IBH Publishing Company, New Delhi, 1991.
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Selected Conference Papers
  • B. Shekar, M. N. Murty, and G. Krishna, Pattern clustering: an artificial intelligence approach, Proceedings of the 10th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Milano, Italy, Aug. 1987.
  • V. Sridhar, M. N. Murty, and G. Krishna, A logical model for decision-making, Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Dec. 1989.
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  • G. P. Babu and M. N. Murty, Controlled offspring generation in evolutionary programming, in Proc. of the Third Annual Conf. on Evolutionary Programming, San Diego, 1994.
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  • B. Rashmin, J. Saketha Nath, K. Suresh Kumar, K. Sivaramakrishnan, C. Bhattacharyya, and M. N. Murty, Focussed Crawling with Scalable Ordinal regression solvers, in the Proceedings of the 24th ICML, June 2007.
  • A. P. Yogananda, M. N. Murty, and Lakshmi Gopal, A fast linear separability test by projection of positive points on subspaces, in the Proceedings of the 24th ICML, June 2007.



Data Mining
Topics in Pattern Recognition
Data Structures and Algorithms
Artificial Intelligence
Information Retrieval


PhD Students.
  • B. Shekar: A Knowledge-Based Approach to Pattern Clustering, 1988 (with Prof. G. Krishna).
  • S.H. Srinivasan: Studies in Learning and Representation in connectionist Networks, 1993.
  • V. Sridhar: Labelled clustering and its Applications, 1993.
  • G. Phanendra Babu: Evolutionary and Connectionist Approaches to Pattern Clustering, 1994 (with Prof. S. Sathiya Keerthi).
  • M. Prakash: Learning in Subspace Methods Using weighted and Multi-Subspace Representations, 1996.
  • S. Bhattacharya: A Novel Scheme for Speech Synthesis, 1997.
  • V. Susheela Devi: Optimal Prototype Selection for Efficient Pattern Classification, 2001 (with Prof. Indraneel Sen).
  • K. R. K. Murthy: Sharable Instructable Agent for Information Filtering, 2001 (with Prof. S. Sathiya Keerthi).
  • C. Bhattacharyya: Plefka's Mean-Field Theory and Belief Networks, 2002 (with Prof. Sathiya Keerthi).
  • S. K. Shevade: Some Efficient Algorithms for Support Vector Machines, 2001 (with Prof. S. Sathiya Keerthi).
  • Dipti Deodhare: Bimodal Projections Based Features for High Dimensional Pattern Classification, 2001 (with Dr. M. Vidyasagar).
  • V. S. Ananthanarayana: Knowledge-Based Mining of Multi-Databases for Associations, 2001 (with Prof. D. K. Subramanian).
  • S. V. N. Vishwanathan: Kernel Methods: Fast Algorithms and Real Life Applications, 2003.
  • P. Viswanath: Pattern Synthesis Techniques and Compact Data Representation Schemes for Efficient Nearest Neighbor Classification, 2005 (with Dr. S. Bhatnagar) (Awarded the Best Thesis Award).
  • P. A. Vijaya: Efficient Hierarchical Clustering Techniques for Pattern Classification, 2005 (with Prof. D. K. Subramanian).
  • D. Ambedkar: On generalized Measures of Information with Maximum and Minimum Entropy Prescriptions, 2006(with Dr. S. Bhatnagar).
  • T. Ravindra Babu: Efficient Schemes for Large-Scale Pattern Classification, 2006 (with Dr. V. K. Agrawal).
  • S. Asharaf: Efficient Kernel Methods for Large Scale Classification, 2007 (with Dr. S. K. Shevade)(IBM Outstanding PhD student award).
  • E. Thirumaran, Clustering Large Datasets (In Progress) (with Dr. E. M. Lalitha, Honeywell, Bangalore).
  • N. Ranga Suri, Correlation Clustering (In Progress) (with Dr. Athithan, CAIR, Bangalore).
  • Geetha Manjunath, Semantic Web (In Progress) (with Dr. Dinkar Sitaram, HP Research Labs, Bangalore).

M. Sc. (Engg.) Students:

  • C. Srinivas: Pattern classification using conjunctive conceptual clustering procedures, 1986.
  • S. Choudhury: Hierarchical Data Structures for Pattern Recognition, 1987.
  • Malini K. Bhandaru: Learning from examples using Hierarchical Counterfactual Expressions, 1989.
  • Atul Negi: Algorithmic knowledge for a knowledge-based clustering environment, 1989.
  • V. Rajasekar: Intelligent Backtracking in Logic Programs, 1990.
  • V.S.S. Suresh Babu: Preprocessing for Optimal Multilevel clustering, 1990.
  • Francis Joy: Reason Maintenance and Logic, 1993.
  • V. Vijaya Saradhi: Pattern Representation and Prototype Selection for Handwritten Digit Recognition, 1999.
  • P. Ramanujam: Development of a General-Purpose Sanskrit Parser, 1999 (with Prof. Nagaraj Shenoy).
  • T. Ravindra Babu: Data Clustering and Evolutionary Algorithms for Data Mining, 2000 (with Dr. M. Sambasiva Rao).
  • D. Ambedkar: ACE-Model: A Conceptual Evolutionary Model for Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life, 2002.
  • B. N. Ranganath: Efficient Frequent Closed Itemset Algorithms with Applications to Stream Mining and Classification, 2009.



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