Department of Computer Science and Automation Department of Computer Science and Automation, IISc, Bangalore, India Indian Institute of Science


The department houses a number of research labs, each dedicated to a focused area of research. The lab members comprise faculty, students (both ME and research students), and dedicated project staff. The labs are usually equipped with specialized software and computing facilities, and carry out work on various projects in their area.

Lab name Faculty In-charge Room              Posters             
Algorithms and Complexity Theory Lab I Arnab Bhattacharyya CSA 301
Algorithms and Complexity Theory Lab II Chandan Saha CSA 302
Approximation Algorithms Group Siddharth Barman CSA 309
Algorithms Complexity and Optimization (ACO) Lab Arindam Khan CSA 323
Algorithms and Optimization Lab Anand Louis CSA 318
Compiler Lab Y. N. Srikant CSA 320 Poster
Computer Architecture and Systems Lab K. Gopinath CSA 319 Poster
Computer Architecture Lab T. Matthew Jacob SERC 223
Computer Systems Lab Arkaprava Basu CSA 324
Computer Systems Security Lab Vinod Ganapathy CSA 230
Cryptography and Information Security Lab Arpita Patra CSA 329
Cryptography, Security and Privacy Group Bhavana Kanukurthi CSA 326
Database Systems Lab Jayant R. Haritsa SERC 302 Poster1 | Poster2
Discrete and Computational Geometry Lab Satish Govindarajan CSA 305
Distributed Computing Lab R.C. Hansdah CSA 228 Poster
Game Theory Lab Y. Narahari CSA 333, 335 Poster
Geometric Algorithms and Data Structures Lab Rahul Saladi CSA 301
High Performance Computing Lab R. Govindarajan SERC 304 Poster
Informatics and Security Lab C.E. Veni Madhavan, Sanjit Chatterjee CSA 253
Statistics and Machine Learning Group Ambedkar Dukkipati CSA 202, 203 Poster
Intelligence Systems Lab Shirish K. Shevade CSA 244 Poster
Machine and Language Learning Lab Partha Pratim Talukdar SERC 403, 404 Poster
Machine Learning Lab Chiranjib Bhattacharyya CSA 251 Poster
Multicore Computing Lab Uday Kumar Reddy B. CSA 116
Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence Lab V. Susheela Devi CSA 226
Programming Languages Lab K.V. Raghavan CSA 321, 322 Poster
Software Engineering and Analysis Lab Aditya Kanade CSA 224
Stochastic Systems Lab Shalabh Bhatnagar CSA 302, 304 Poster1 | Poster2
Theory Lab II L. Sunil Chandran CSA 307
Topic Analysis and Synthesis Lab M. Narasimha Murty CSA 246 Poster
Visualization and Graphics Lab Vijay Natarajan CSA 237 Poster




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