National Science Day 2010

Indian Institute of Science
India observes February 28 as the National Science Day to commemorate Raman Effect of the Nobel Laureate Sir C.V. Raman. This year, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is organizing an Open Day on February 26, 2010 to celebrate the National Science Day. This event is open to everyone. It is a great opportunity for professors, lecturers, teachers and students of various academic institutions including schools and colleges around Bangalore and the general public to participate in this event.

IISc is showcasing the cutting edge research being conducted in various laboratories. The visitors have access to various research laboratories in over 40 departments to get a feel of the world-class research in IISc. Each department has arranged various programmes for the visitors to highlight its work.

Department of Computer Science and Automation is showcasing its work as follows.
  • Posters outside every laboratory describing the work done in the laboratory and achievements.
  • Project and tool demonstrations, audio-visual presentations in every laboratory.
  • Technical lectures by eminent personalities in the field of Computer Science.
  • An audio-visual presentation of departmental history, people and research work.
  • A stall on open source software.
  • Stall by ACM Bangalore Chapter.
  • A programming contest, a puzzle solving competition and a technical quiz for the enthusiastic visitors.
  • Information brochures and posters detailing research work and degree courses in the department.






Date: February 26, 2010.
Venue: CSA Department, IISc.

10:00 -- 10:45Prelims - Puzzle Solving
10:45 -- 11:45Prelims - Programming Contest
12:00 -- 12:45Tech Talk by Prof. Ravi Kannan
12:45 -- 13:00Finals - Puzzle Solving - Question paper distribution
14:00 -- 14:45Tech talk by Dr. Ramesh Hariharan
15:00 -- 15:45Interactive Session on Opportunities at CSA
16:00 -- 16:15Finals - Puzzle Solving - Answer paper submission
16:00 -- 17:30Finals - Programming Contest
16:00 -- 17:30Prelims + Finals - Technical Quiz
18:00 -- 18:30Prize Distribution and Closing Ceremony
18:30 -- 19:00Mini-dinner at CSA Garden

In addition to the above events, each lab exhibits its project demonstrations and poster presentations, which would be happening in parallel. It would be a great opportunity for the visitors to get a glimpse of the world class research done at the Department of Computer Science and Automation.

The visitors also get an opportunity to interact with ACM Bangalore Chapter to know the importance of research collaboration and networking.


Faculty in-charge: Prof. Narahari
Students in-charge: Rupesh Nasre, Sujit Gujar.

CSA brochures and postersSuresh
Posters on pinup boardsRamasuri
Technical lecturesArnab
Departmental videosArun, Prasad
Open source stallPaul
Programming contestPaul
Puzzle solving (Gedanken)Subramanya
Technical quizMayuresh
ACM Bangalore ChapterArnab
T-shirs, certificatesMayur
Photographs and video coverageSujit
WebsiteRupesh Nasre.

Research labIn-charge
Algorithms and Verification LabSubramanya
Compiler LabArun
Computer Architecture And Systems LabChander
Database Systems LabMayuresh
Distributed Computing LabAmulya
Electronic Commerce LabRamasuri
High Performance Computing LabMani
Informatics LabSuresh
Machine Learning LabAdway
Programming Languages LabArnab
Stochastic Systems LabPrasad
Visualization and Graphics LabDilip


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T E C H N I C A L   T A L K S

CSA Open Day features two technical talks by eminent personalities in the field of Computer Science.

  • Prof. Ravi Kannan, Microsoft Research.
    Title of the talk: Research in Theoretical Computer Science.

    Time: 12:00 -- 12:45.
    Venue: E-Classroom.

    Modern research in TCS will involve traditional and new algorithms, machine learning, sampling from massive data, stochastics (probability, modeling), scientific computing and combinations of all these. Underlying mathematics (linear algebra, basic and advanced analysis and certainly probability) will play important roles. This talk will not be exhaustive, but will give some examples : data as multi-dimensional points, the role of high dimensional geometry, spectral methods, learning etc.

    Prof. Ravi Kannan is the Principal Researcher in Algorithms Research Group of Microsoft Research Lab, India. He is also an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science. His research interests are optimization, massive data sets, sampling, clustering, markov chains and linear algebra. He is a recipient of the Fulkerson Prize in Discrete Mathematics and is a Distinguished Alumnus of IIT Bombay.

  • Dr. Ramesh Hariharan, Strand Life Sciences.
    Title of the talk: Algorithms for Life.

    Time: 14:00 -- 14:45.
    Venue: E-Classroom.

    As newer experimental methods to interrogate living systems at a molecular level come into play, a host of computational challenges arise which connect the usually unrelated fields of Computer Science and Biology. This talk will describe these computational challenges and related applications and end with some musings on challenges that software engineers tackling emerging problems will need to measure up to.

    Dr. Ramesh Hariharan is the Chief Technology Officer of Strand Life Sciences, India and Adjunct Professor at Chennai Mathematical Institute. He was a faculty member at the Department of Computer Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science. His research interests are in the design and analysis of algorithms with provable guarantees. He was a part of the Simputer project.

A C M   C H A P T E R

CSA Open Day features stall by ACM Bangalore Chapter.

ACM Bangalore Chapter.
The ACM Bangalore Chapter was founded in 2006 with the objectives of forming a community of computer science and information technology professionals and researchers based in Bangalore, provide a platform for interaction for the community by organizing invited lectures, seminars, workshops and informal meetings, enable sharing of information and resources for technical growth of the chapter members and computing industry at large, cooperate with other professional groups in the presentation of programs of interest to the Chapter and provide support for ACM conferences organized in Bangalore.

B I T S   N   B Y T E S
Fun for Programming Geeks!

Time: 10:45 -- 11:45 (Prelims) and 16:00 -- 17:30 (Finals).
Venue: CSA Seminar Hall (Prelims) and Intel Lab (Finals).

Bits N Bytes is our Online Programming Contest for geeks who love problem solving, to pit their programming and problem solving skills against others on our online codechecker.

The contest will be at the department of CSA, IISc and is also open over the Internet. So if you unable to visit IISc on Open Day, you can still participate from home! However, on-site teams are eligible for attractive prizes! Please visit the contest site, register your team, get used to the interface, and submit solutions to a few practice problems.

Team Composition
This is a team event with a maximum of two participants in each team. Team members need not be from the same organisation.

There will be two on-site rounds of the contest as follows.
  • Preliminary Round:  This will be paper based and of 45 minutes duration. Top 8 teams from this round will qualify for the final programming round.
  • Final Programming Round:  This round consists of algorithm oriented programming problems that have to be solved under given time and space constraints.
Programming Languages Supported
C, C++

The teams in the Programming Round will be a given a Linux machine each. The gcc compiler that comes with it will be sufficient to write programs that will run on the online tester. Teams submit only source code. The Online Judge will compile your program and run them against a predefined set of test cases and match the results. Input and Output formats will be specified clearly in the problem statement. Please adhere to them carefully to ensure that your submission does not fail because of incorrect output formatting.
The compiler commands for C and C++ are as follows:
     gcc -O2 program.c -o program
     g++ -O2 program.cpp -o program

Prizes & Certificates 
The top three teams in the on-site Programming Round will receive attractive prizes and all the finalist teams will receive a certificate of participation. Judges' decision will be final.

Please register on this form if you plan to come to IISc to participate in this event. This is only an informal registration to help us plan. There will be a formal registration later. The registration is free.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Aditya.


Time: 10:00 -- 10:45 (Prelims), 12:45 -- 13:00 (Finals question paper distribution) and 16:00 -- 16:15 (Finals answer paper submission).
Venue: CSA Seminar Hall.

Gedanken is a problem solving contest that involves mathematical, logical, Computer Science related problems and puzzles.

There will be two rounds: Prelims and Finals. Both the rounds will be written.
The participants would be given a set of questions and a time-line. They have to write answers on the sheets of paper provided and submit to the organizers.

Team Composition.
Maximum two participants per team.

Prizes & Certificates.
There will be an attractive prize for the first and the second winners. All finalists will receive certificates of participation. Judges' decision will be final.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

R A N D O M   A C C E S S

Time: 16:00 -- 17:30 (Prelims + Finals).
Venue: E-Classroom, CSA.

For all the quiz enthusiasts, we are organizing Random Access, a technical quiz contest. The contest will involve questions related to computer science field.

There will be two rounds.
  • Preliminary Round:  It will involve a written quiz.
  • Final Round:  This will be an oral quizzing round for the people clearing the preliminary round.

Team Composition
Maximum two participants per team.

Participants have to register on the day of the event at CSA department. Registration is free!

Prizes & Certificates.
There will be attractive prizes for the first, second and third winners. All finalists will receive certificates of participation. Judges' decision will be final.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

O P P O R T U N I T I E S   A T   C S A

Department of Computer Science and Automation is a pioneering academic centre for higher education, research, and innovation in key areas of computer science. The driving mission for the department is to advance the frontiers of research in computer science and automation and impart world-class training in computer science to students.

There are several ways in which one can become a part of the vibrant community of the CSA Department. This interactive session would give you an overview of all these opportunities. CSA faculty would help you shape your future to take a dip into the ocean of knowledge represented by Indian Institute of Science. You can get your career related queries answered in the session.

Specifically, this talk would focus on ME, MSc and PhD programs of the department and their prerequisites. It would also highlight Internships, Project Assistantships, Research Assistantships, and other academic ways to be associated with CSA.


Thank you everyone for your valuable comments. These would help us improve.

Dr. M.K. Sridhar, National Degree College, Bangalore.
'Open Day' program of IISc on Feb 26, 2010 has certainly opened up new vistas to young students in various professional courses. The department of CSA has contributed significantly for the R&D of IT in India and globally as well. Hearty congratulations for the staff, research students and office staff for doing a great academic service under the very efficient dynamic chairmanship of Prof. Y. Narahari.

Hiti Saini, Christ University, Bangalore.
Impression about CSA Open Day: Challenging.
Suggestions: There should be more events. Contact numbers should be given on brochures.

Avinash Krishnan R., MSRIT, Bangalore.
Most liked event: Demos (Graphics Lab > Game Theory Lab > ...).
Suggestions: More technical talks.

Taral Shah, Christ University, Bangalore.
Most liked event: Technical Quiz.
Impression about CSA Open Day: Excellent.

Sinny Kumari, DSI, Bangalore.
Most liked event: Puzzle solving.
Impressions about CSA Open Day: It is a very good place and programs and events were very good.
Suggestions: Give certificates to all the participants.

Sudhendu Kumar, BMSCE, Bangalore.
Most liked event: Programming contest.
Impression about CSA Open Day: Impressive, exposure gaining.
Suggestions: Try not to clash events.

Vipin Nair, Christ University, Bangalore.
Most liked event: Technical Quiz.
Impression about CSA Open Day: Very nice. Excellent.

Shantanu Tushar, BMSCE, Bangalore.
Most liked event: Programming contest.
Impression about CSA Open Day: It was fun and exciting.
Suggestions: There wasn't enough space for the attendees for some seminars.

Adarsh J., MSRIT, Bangalore.
Most liked events: All the demos.
Impression about CSA Open Day: A great opportunity to interact with intelligent minds. The event should be happening more number of times.
Suggestions: Goodies were missing :(.

Swaroop S.M., Christ University, Bangalore.
Most liked event: Technical Quiz.
Impression about CSA Open Day: Challenging.
Suggestions: Addition of more events.


Hearty congratulations to all the winners.

Event Winner First Runner-up Second Runner-up
Gedanken -- Puzzle SolvingBruhati H.S. &
Madhuri Venkatesh
Govindaray M. Naik &
Benhur Chetak D'Souza
   -- and --
Harinarayanan S. &
Janakiraman V.
Bits N Bytes -- Programming ContestAvinash Krishnan &
Anil C.R. &
Manu C. &
Bharath S. Kallur
Random Access -- Technical QuizCoca Sai Prajeeth &
Ameen Mohammed
Ganapathy S.E.K. &
Basavaraj Talwar
Amal Antony &
Mahima Sivasankar