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Erdős number

  • I was fortunate to be advised by super-cool Prof. Prasad Tetali [Regents' Professor, School of Mathematics and Computer Science, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA]. Thanks to Prasad, I obtained an Erdős number of 2.
    Paul Erdős -> Prasad Tetali -> Arindam Khan.

  • Collaborative nature of science means smaller collaboration distances with other great scientists too.
    Einstein number 4: Albert Einstein -> Ernst Gabor Straus -> Laszlo Lovasz -> Prasad Tetali -> Arindam Khan
    Knuth number 3: Donald Knuth -> Fan Chung -> Prasad Tetali -> Arindam Khan
    Tao number 3: Terry Tao -> Van Ha Vu -> Prasad Tetali -> Arindam Khan

  • You can find your own collaboration distances here .

Academic genealogy

My academic ancestry can be traced back to 40 generations ago to Kamal al Din Ibn Yunus, an Arab mathematician in the 11th century. Some of my academic ancestors are: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (16th gen.), Jacob Bernoulli (14th gen.), Johann Bernoulli (13th gen.), Leonhard Euler (12th gen.), Joseph Louis Lagrange (11th gen.), Pierre-Simon Laplace (11th gen.), Simeon Denis Poisson (10th gen.). I have Arab, Italian, Greek, French, German, Swiss, American, British and Indian academic ancestors. Full genealogy can be found here .

Places I have been to

Not only TSP, I also enjoy traveling. I have been to 31 countries in 4 continents (1. India, 2. USA, 3. South Korea, 4. Netherlands, 5. Belgium, 6. Brazil, 7. Hungary, 8. Slovakia, 9. Austria, 10. Czech, 11. Germany, 12. Italy, 13. Switzerland, 14. San marino, 15. Malta, 16. Greece, 17. France, 18. Monaco, 19. Spain, 20. Andorra, 21. Liechtenstein, 22. Vatican City, 23. Denmark, 24. Sweden, 25. Croatia, 26. Bosnia-Herzegovina, 27. Montenegro, 28. Slovenia, 29. UK, 30. Norway, 31. Poland, 32. Chile (and Easter Island)).