CrIS Logo

The Cryptography and Information Security (CrIS) Lab, established in 2014, is a research laboratory specializing on Cryptography and Information Security in the Department of Computer Science & Automation at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The three -fold mission of CrIS lab constitutes of research, training and outreach.

Our Aim

Our aim is to carry out top notch academic research in the field of theoretical and applied Cryptography and to provide rigorous training to bring out next generation crypto experts. Often, we take up or enthusiastically participate in programmes aiming to reach out to out-station folks inclined to build expertise in cryptography. In short, the goal of the lab is to spread 'the joy of Cryptography'.

Our Team

The group is headed by Dr. Arpita Patra and constitutes Masters and Ph.D. students from the Department of Computer Science & Automation. The prime areas of research focus of this lab include Secure Multiparty Computation, Circuit Garbling, Oblivious Transfer, Secret Sharing, Fault-tolerant Distributed Computing and Privacy Preserving Machine Learning.