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Swati Singla

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I am currently a Master's Student in the Computer Science and Automation Department at Indian Institute of Science. I am working under Dr. Arpita Patra in the Cryptography and Information Security Lab.
My areas of research include Secure Multi Party Computation, Circuit Garbling and Oblivious Transfer. More specifically I am working in the intricate field of Adaptively Secure MPC which involves designing efficient protocols for the case when the parties involved can be corrupted dynamically by the adversary during the protocol execution.
My interests include narrative and creative writing, both poems and prose. I love to read books, watch movies and football for leisure.

Publications / Preprints

  • On the Exact Round Complexity of Best-of-both-Worlds Multi-party Computation
    Authors: Arpita Patra, Divya Ravi, Swati Singla
    ASIACRYPT 2020

  • Fast Actively-Secure 5-Party Computation with Security Beyond Abort
    Authors: Megha Byali, Carmit Hazay, Arpita Patra, Swati Singla
    CCS 2019