E0 272 Formal Methods in Software Engineering

January-April 2018, 3:30-5:00pm, Mon, Wed, Room 227, CSA.

Credits 3:1

Instructors: Deepak D'Souza and K. V. Raghavan.

TAs: Stanly John Samuel.

Lecture slides


Software is used for an increasing range of business and personal activities, and to control vital processes and tasks. This makes it important that software be developed efficiently, and the software be correct and reliable. However, software development and maintenance has largely remained mostly a human activity, with sub-optimal usage of tools and formal processes. This course will equip students with knowledge of the latest advances in the role of tools and formal methods in software engineering. The course will focus on all stages of software engineering, from requirements, design, coding, verification, and testing. The methodology will be to study a series of advanced tools that address challenges faced in these steps. This will include both an introduction to the theoretical underpinnings of these tools, as well as hands-on exploration in class as well as in assignments.


Prerequisites: Exposure to programming, and the basics of mathematical logic and discrete structures.

Tentative grading breakup

Assignments: 60%
Midsem exam: 20%
Final exam: 20%

Schedule of Exams

Mid-semester exam: TBA

Final exam: TBA