Seminar on S&T in the Indic Tradition: Critical Perspectives and Current Relevance

This 2-day seminar on Feb 4/5, 2017 at the IISc Faculty hall will explore high level perspectives on selected areas of Indic science and technology by eminent researchers. More concretely, some of the talks in this seminar will throw light on an interesting perspective that seems to have informed a good part of the Indic tradition: that of दृग्गणितैक्य drg.ganitaikya, the concordance between “observed” and the “computed”.

Prof. Roddam Narasimha (JNCASR) will be giving the keynote talk on “computational positivism” in the Indic tradition. Well known scholars such as Profs. V N Jha, R N Iyengar, MD Srinivas will also be giving talks. There are also tutorials on Feb 3 and 6. The brochure with details and schedule is at Brochure (pdf). The abstracts are available at Abstracts (pdf)

Entry is FREE but registration is required for those who are not affliated with IISc (link included below). It is optional but recommended for those from IISc for organizational purposes. Kindly register if interested. *Note: it is now closed.* Kindly forward to interested parties as appropriate. Registration Form

The event was live streamed and the archive of the proceedings is now at at Archive of Videos.

The presentations made avlbl by the speakers are at Presentations. Pl. note that some slides are not yet made readable as I have not got the permission from the speakers. As and when we get the OK, we will make them readable. Also, pl. note the following caveats:
Prof. MD Srinivas: "My slides are of a somewhat preliminary nature and are not meant to be cited."
Prof. Thelma BK: "Happy to share the slides though there is some unpublished data towards the end of the slide set."

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Organizing Committee
Profs. AG Ramakrishnan, PS Sastry, Y. Narahari, Murali Krishna, K. Gopinath (IISc)
Dr. Ramanujachar (CDAC)

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Maadhava shloka
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