M. Narasimha Murty (Professor)


PhD (1982, IISc)



SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (each has 20 or more number of citations as per Google Scholar on November 22, 2016)
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Data Mining
Topics in Pattern Recognition
Data Structures and Algorithms
Artificial Intelligence
Information Retrieval


PhD Students.
  • B. Shekar: A Knowledge-Based Approach to Pattern Clustering, 1988 (with Prof. G. Krishna).
  • S.H. Srinivasan: Studies in Learning and Representation in connectionist Networks, 1993.
  • V. Sridhar: Labelled clustering and its Applications, 1993.
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  • S. Bhattacharya: A Novel Scheme for Speech Synthesis, 1997.
  • V. Susheela Devi: Optimal Prototype Selection for Efficient Pattern Classification, 2001 (with Prof. Indraneel Sen).
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  • P. Viswanath: Pattern Synthesis Techniques and Compact Data Representation Schemes for Efficient Nearest Neighbor Classification, 2005 (with Dr. S. Bhatnagar) (Awarded the Best Thesis Award).
  • P. A. Vijaya: Efficient Hierarchical Clustering Techniques for Pattern Classification, 2005 (with Prof. D. K. Subramanian).
  • D. Ambedkar: On generalized Measures of Information with Maximum and Minimum Entropy Prescriptions, 2006(with Dr. S. Bhatnagar).
  • T. Ravindra Babu: Efficient Schemes for Large-Scale Pattern Classification, 2006 (with Dr. V. K. Agrawal).
  • S. Asharaf: Efficient Kernel Methods for Large Scale Classification, 2007 (with Dr. S. K. Shevade)(IBM Outstanding PhD student award).
  • Geetha Manjunath, Semantic Analysis of Web Pages for Task-Based Personal Web Interactions, 2013 (with Dr. Dinkar Sitaram, HP Research Labs, Bangalore).
  • N. N. Ranga Suri, Outlier Detection with Applications in Graph Data Mining, 2014 (with Dr. Athithan, CAIR, Bangalore).
  • Shyni Thomas, Planning based on Informed Search (In Progress) (with Dr. Dipti Deodhare, CAIR, Bangalore).
  • Govind Sharma, Document Summarization(In Progress).
  • Sharad Nandanawar, Topic Models(In Progress).

M. Sc. (Engg.) Students:

  • C. Srinivas: Pattern classification using conjunctive conceptual clustering procedures, 1986.
  • S. Choudhury: Hierarchical Data Structures for Pattern Recognition, 1987.
  • Malini K. Bhandaru: Learning from examples using Hierarchical Counterfactual Expressions, 1989.
  • Atul Negi: Algorithmic knowledge for a knowledge-based clustering environment, 1989.
  • V. Rajasekar: Intelligent Backtracking in Logic Programs, 1990.
  • V.S.S. Suresh Babu: Preprocessing for Optimal Multilevel clustering, 1990.
  • Francis Joy: Reason Maintenance and Logic, 1993.
  • V. Vijaya Saradhi: Pattern Representation and Prototype Selection for Handwritten Digit Recognition, 1999.
  • P. Ramanujam: Development of a General-Purpose Sanskrit Parser, 1999 (with Prof. Nagaraj Shenoy).
  • T. Ravindra Babu: Data Clustering and Evolutionary Algorithms for Data Mining, 2000 (with Dr. M. Sambasiva Rao).
  • D. Ambedkar: ACE-Model: A Conceptual Evolutionary Model for Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life, 2002.
  • B. N. Ranganath: Efficient Frequent Closed Itemset Algorithms with Applications to Stream Mining and Classification, 2009.
  • Govind Sharma: Sentiment-Driven Topic Analysis of Song Lyrics, 2012.



  • Leader, Team winning the KDD Cup 2003 (task 1) organized by the Cornell University
  • The paper "Pattern Clustering: A Review" coauthored by him is the most frequently downloaded article during 2004, 2005, and 2006 from ACM publications (Source: Communications of the ACM).
  • Alumni Award for Excellence in Research for Engineering, IISc, Bangalore, 2007.
  • Fellow, Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE), India, 2008.
  • IISc Colloquium, "Clustering Large Data sets", delivered on March 29, 2010.
  • Associate Editor, Sadhana, An Official Journal of the Indian Academy of Sciences, published by Springer.
  • Fellow, The National Academy of Sciences (NASI), India, 2011.



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