Sanjit Chatterjee

Dept. of Computer Sc. and Automation, IISc

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"the non-beginning of a thing is supreme wisdom."

I can no longer afford that...neither could the Mahatma, I guess! So...
Welcome to my academic homepage!

If you are an undergraduate student interested in any kind of internship programme then please note that I don't have one to offer in near future. Please do not send any e-mail query to me as they will not be answered.

If you are interested to join the Masters or PhD programme at IISc and work with me, I recommend that you first go through the Information for Prospective Students before contacting me.

If you are already enrolled as a student at IISc and interested to have some kind of academic interaction with me, please do send an e-mail or drop by my office.

In Aug-Dec'18 I am co-teaching Cryptography.