ME Students Guided

  1. Prototype selection using Particle Swarm Optimization by A. Mallesh
  2. Object Categorization using genetic programming by Jyoti Korra
  3. Combination of classifiers using information gain by Shoban Babu
  4. Construction of decision trees using cost and information gain by Edukondalu
  5. Dynamic and multiple goal heuristic search technique by Satish Dinakar
  6. 2011
  7. Similarity measures for time series classification by Deepti Dohare
  8. 2012
  9. Clustering using particle swarm optimization by Swetha K.P.
  10. 2013
  11. Clustering of spatio-temporal data by Prateek
  12. Fuzzy classification of time series data by Ravi Kumar
  13. Multi label and classification and feature selection for discrete data by Bhupesh Akhand
  14. 2015
  15. Classification using rough random forest with probabilistic feature selection and diversity by Rajhans Gondane
  16. Prototype selection on large and streaming data by Lakhpat Meena
  17. Overlapping community detection in social networks by Jaswant Meena
  18. 2016
  19. A hedonic model for product review representation and feature pricing by mining consumer product reviews by Gopu Raveendran
  20. Music mood classification based on audio features and lyrics by Pradeep Pandey
  21. Topic modelling using genetic algorithms by Hariom Gautam
  22. Prediction of private information of social network users by Deshant Kumar
  23. 2017
  24. Prototype selection for multilabel classification by Seba Kuruvilla
  25. Information retrieval for Tamil language by Indumathy J.
  26. Anomaly detection for time series data by Ravindra Panchotiya
  27. Speech recognition using deep neural networks by Ansari T.K.
  28. Query focused Multi-document summarization by Sunil Kumar Potnuru
  29. 2018
  30. Parallelization of Multilabel classification for large data by Shinjini Biswas
  31. Multiclass imbalance problem by Alkh Niranjan
  32. Detection of malicious binaries on static and dynamic artefacts by Ananta Rao Chukka
  33. Transfer learning in neural networks for NLP by Ravi Shankar Devanapalli
  34. Neural network translation using deep neural networks by Maulik Parmar
  35. Sentence level relation classification using deep learning by Anil Kumar Donthagani
  36. 2019
  37. Biased random walks for community detection in social networks by Pasunoori Meghashyam
  38. Efficient scene parsing to enhance autonomous navigation using deep learning by Gaurav Singh Rajput
  39. Unsupervised text sentiment transfer with content preservation by Divya Agarwal
  40. Deep transfer learning for emotion recognition from text by Chaikesh Chouragade
  41. Moving beyond RNNs: Attention Networks by Sachin Mittal
  42. 2020
  43. Image Generation : GANS and transfer learning by Magare Aadesh Gajanan
  44. Abstractive text summarization using hierarchical attention networks by Rashi Verma
  45. Image captioning with capsule networks by Anudeep Koppolu
  46. Cross attention for set matching in bipartite hypergraphs by Swyam Prakash Singh
  47. 2021
  48. Improving robustness of deep learning models using adversarial examples by Satyendra Yadav
  49. Explaining deep neural networks using counterfactuals by Mansi Ram Shivani
  50. Image deblurring by Satya Mishra
  51. Cross modal image generation by Hemang Jain
  52. Real time fatigue detection from face by Squadron Leader Abhijit Suresh Patil
  53. 2022 (ongoing)
  54. Image generation by Chetan Pant
  55. Explainable AI by Pallavi Naik
  56. Question Answering in Natural Language Processing by Raj Jha
  57. Document Summarization by Vivek A.
  58. Intrusion detection by Vatan Goyal
  59. Image captioning by Nancy Agrawal