Review of papers

  1. NEPL (Neural Processing Letters)
  2. SWEVO (Swarm and Evolutionary Computation Journal)
  3. Current Science
  4. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (NASA)
  5. IEEE CEC(IEEE Congress of Evolutionary Computation)
  6. SCSI(International Conference on Systems, Control, Signal Processing and Informatics)
  7. IEEE SSCI(Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence)
  8. ITBI(International Conference on IT and Business Intelligence)
  9. ICPR(International Conference on Pattern Recognition)
  10. ICAPR(International Conference on Advances in Pattern Recognition)
  11. ICMCM(International Conference on ‏ PReMI(Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence).
  12. Sadhana
  13. DSJ(Defence Science Journal)
  14. PReMI
  15. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (WIREs DMKD)