C S S L Computer Systems Security Laboratory Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


At CSSL, we work on a broad spectrum of areas spanning security and privacy in computer systems. Over the years, our research projects have considered security issues in computer systems ranging from cloud platforms through Web browsers to end-user devices and cyber-physical systems. Our projects usually draw on ideas and methods developed in a variety of areas, such as applied cryptography, program analysis, formal methods, machine intelligence, and trusted hardware. We don't liked to be siloed in by buzzwords, keywords, or specific verticals or labels, and enjoy exploring security and privacy issues in a wide variety of domains!

Please look at our publications for a feel of our current research directions. All credit for the work goes to a hard-working and dedicated group of students (and of course, our alumni).

Our lab is generously supported by various research grants from the Indian Institute of Science, the Department of Science and Technology of the Government of India, the Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber Physical Systems, and Intel Labs. Lecture videos from our computer systems security course are freely available.