Cybersecurity R&D — CySecK H.A.C.K. startups meet IISc Researchers

Date & Time: 11/09/2020, 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

IISc has been serving as the mentor institute for the Karnataka State Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (CySecK), sponsored by the IT-BT-ST ministry of the govt. of Karnataka.
One of CySecK’s core missions is to foster the cybersecurity startup ecosystem here in Karnataka. Since May, CySecK has been engaging with a number of startups as part of an innovative, first-in-India cybersecurity-focused startup-accelerator program called H.A.C.K. (H.A.C.K. is an Accelerator for Cybersecurity in Karnataka). The first cohort of H.A.C.K. runs from May to November, and includes about 15 startups, at various stages of maturity.

On Friday, September 11th, we are organizing an IISc+CySecK “Meet the startups” day from 2:30pm-5:00pm, as a virtual event. I would like to request each of you to attend. WebEx meeting details are pasted below.
Our goals in organizing this event is to introduce the startups in the H.A.C.K. Cohort to IISc and vice-versa. Eight selected startups from our cohort will be making short presentations, followed by an interaction session.
This event will lead to collaboration/consulting opportunities for faculty. Students are particularly encouraged to attend. These startups may lead to potential internships and/or placement opportunities down the line. Also, if you’ve ever contemplated the startup route yourself, here’s your chance to get an inside peek into some up-and-coming startups!
These are all deep-tech startups that are working on a number of areas that may pique your interest (e.g., there is one on quantum computing/quantum crypto, another one that provides data vaults to receive and store your sensitive information, such as documents and OTPs from banks, just to name two examples).

The weblink for this event is:

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