Sponsoring CSA Golden Jubilee Activities 

Department of Computer Science and Automation

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

The department of Computer Science and Automation (CSA) at IISc is the premier academic department for research in Computer Sciences in India. Founded in 1969, at this point it consists of more than 30 faculty members and more than 200 students. The Masters and PhD programs of the department are highly sought after, with very competitive admissions. The research profile of the department is very strong, with members publishing their results regularly in worldwide top-tier venues. The alumni of the department over the last 50 years are in very influential roles in academia as well as industry world wide.

The department is celebrating its Golden Jubilee during 2019-20 at a very ambitious scale. The objective is to bring together academics and students from all over India, and select researchers and technology experts from around the world, to interact, present, and learn about advances in computer science. The main events planned are 

  • CSA Frontier Lecture Series: The goal is to introduce the audience to a wide gamut of research topics spanning across various facets of Computer Science through lectures by highly renowned researchers from all over the world.
  • Theme-Based Workshop: The objective of these is to shed light on cutting-edge research topics in computer science, such as Multi-party Computation, Fairness in Machine Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning, System Design for Big Data and AI,  to name a few. Comprising of talks by eminent researchers from across the globe, these workshops will not only enlighten the participants but also open up new research directions and foster new collaborations and is expected to have around 100-200 participants.
  • Entrepreneurship Events: A series of events on Entrepreneurship to bring together alumni, faculty and students of IISc with the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem of deep technology companies. We believe these events will expand the entrepreneurial activities through networking and incubation of innovative ideas.
  • GJ Conference: This event will conclude the Golden Jubilee celebrations on a high note with stimulating sessions comprising of keynote talks, technical and interactive discussions. This grand event also plans to pave the path for CSA’s journey ahead. 
  • Alumni Events: Alumni events offer an opportunity for CSA alumni and friends to connect, celebrate and learn. This serves as a platform for wonderful professional and personal development opportunities for former students.

The details of the Golden Jubilee activities are available at  : https://csa.iisc.ac.in/golden-jubilee/

The department seeks generous support from sponsors for one or more of the events to support various  workshop/conference related expenses. The department aims to conduct all events with the support of sponsors, without registration fees, in order to encourage active participation of academics and students from around the country. 

The department seeks generous contributions from external donors including alumni. Information on how to donate for the Golden Jubilee funds is available at: https://www.alumni.iisc.ac.in/givingx/csa-golden-jubilee-fund/ 

Industry sponsorship at various levels (Platinum, Gold, and Silver) for these events are also welcome and would be appropriately acknowledged in the event. The department would be happy to offer to sponsors opportunities for displaying signage and to address the participants at the sponsored events.  For more information, pls. Contact: CSAGJcontact@iisc.ac.in

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