Secure Multiparty Computation

Date & Time: 17/01/2020, 4:00 pm
Venue: Faculty Hall, Indian Institute of Science

How can sensitive data be processed without introducing a single point of failure? How can several parties perform a joint computation on their secret inputs, say add them up or compute some other statistics, without revealing any additional information to each other except the desired output?
Secure multiparty computation is a powerful cryptographic tool for solving this kind of problem. The talk will give an overview of research in the area, covering classical results, connections with other problems, current research directions, and remaining challenges.

Speaker Bio:
Yuval Ishai is presently a chaired professor of Computer Science at the Technion, Israel. He received his PhD at the Technion, served as a postdoctoral researcher at DIMACS Center, AT&T Labs Research and Princeton University, and spent two extended sabbaticals at UCLA. Yuval’s research focuses mostly on cryptography and its interactions with computational complexity theory. His works were recognized by the FOCS 2004, Crypto 2007, and Crypto 2016 Best Paper Awards and the SIAM Outstanding Paper Prize. He chaired the Theory of Cryptography and Eurocrypt conferences and was inducted as an IACR Fellow in 2018.

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