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    Nowadays many mathematical books do not seem to be written by living men who not only know, but doubt and ask and guess, who see details in their true perspective -- light surrounded by darkness -- who, endowed with a limited memory, in the twilight of questioning, discovery, and resignation, weave a connected pattern, imperfect but growing, and colored by infinite gradations of significance. The books of the type I refer to are rather like slot machines which fire at you for the price you pay a medley of axioms, definitions, lemmas, and theorems, and then remain numb and dead however you shake them - Hermann Weyl
    (From Hermann Weyl's book review of volume 2 of Courant and Hilbert's Methoden der Mathematishen Physik. The review appeared in Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 44 (19938) 602-604. This quote is from page number 602.)
    You can find this here (link). Go to the end of the paper

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Gen Links

  • What is Algorithmic Algebra?
    • If you are a computer science student then read introduction of Bud Mishra's book Link or you can download the book from here Link
    • Else if you are a mathematics student then read introduction of Kreuzer and Robbiano's book Link
    • Else if you can just appreciate poetry then check this Link
  • New and really good book on Measure Theoretic Probability by Allan Gut Link
    or if you are in IISc check Link