Arkaprava Basu

Arkaprava (Arka)  Basu


Arka(prava) joined the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, in February 2018 as an assistant professor where he marshals the Computer Systems Lab. Arka's research group primarily works on memory management across the OS and the computer architecture boundary for both GPUs and CPUs. More recently, his group is also focusing on enhancing the reliability of GPU software and some aspects of security. Arka is also a technical consultant to AMD's Server Performance Group.

Before joining IISc, he worked as a member of the research staff at AMD Research in Austin, USA, for four years (2014 - 2018). Arka obtained his Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA in December 2013.

Arka is a recipient of Intel Rising Star Faculty Award for 2021. He is among the ten recipients worldwide of this international award. Arka is also a recipient of Pratiksha Trust Young Investigator Award for 2020-2022 and numerous other academic awards.

Contact Information

a r k a p r a v a b [at] i i s c [dot] a c [dot] i n

Room 308
Dept. of Computer Science and Automation
Indian Institue of Science
Bangalore, India - 560012

Phone: +91 80 2293 3560