Photography is my true passion. Nature plays the central character in my photography. I love to capture the dramatic moments of nature and the moments of human and nature interaction. Sublimity and Serenity-- my photographs precisely feature them. Through my captures, I wish to take the viewer to a secret world far from the madness of life. The very world where equality prevails and division, discrimination and otherness have no entry. The world where one gets enlightened to realize how insignificant one is in front of the magnanimous nature. The world where the nature prevails above all as the Supreme Being. A tour to such a world will transform the viewer to a better being. It will inspire one to embrace humbleness, to welcome equality in the society, to burn one's self-destructing greed, to celebrate the victory of universal brotherhood and peace. It's my hope.

In my free time, I keep learning new aspects of photography. Off late, I got interested in portraiture. By the way, I have no formal training in photography.

Enjoy my photostream and leave constructive comments if you have any.

A few commendations for my work
A couple of my snapshots have won commendations from photographic community:

  • This photo has been selected as the BIG PICTURE of the week by `The Telegraph, UK'.
  • This photo had got honorable mention in the photo contest organized by `' in the `Reflection' category.

  • A Number of Photographic Techniques

    I find the following types of photography very fascinating. This list will grow with time:

  • Golden Hour Photography
  • Long Exposure Photography
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography
  • Selective Coloring Photography
  • Star Trail Photography