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About the Course

E0-253 seeks to equip students with the a hands-on overview of the design and implementation of operating systems.

Administrative Details

Grading: The course consists of several programming assignments, one mid-term exam, and one (cumulative) final exam. Please do not ask us the weightage of each component---we do not intend to release that information now. You will be given this information in the finals week. Just be informed that all components of the course are important, and you cannot afford to ignore any one of them. You will receive scores out of 100 for each item that you will be turning in. The programming assignments give you hands-on experience and are where you will learn the most in this course (assuming you do them honestly). The mid-term and final exams help us assess your understanding of the concepts taught.

Grades will follow this table:

Score range
Letter grade
90 ≤ score ≤ 100
80 ≤ score < 90
70 ≤ score < 80
60 ≤ score < 70
50 ≤ score < 60
40 ≤ score < 50
0 ≤ score < 40