Ph.D Students

  1. Mathew C Francis (Completed- 20th February 2010)

    Thesis Title: Intersection graphs of boxes and cubes

  2. Abhijin Adiga (Completed- 4th February 2011)

    Thesis Title: On Dimensional Parameters of Graphs and Posets.

  3. Manu Basavaraju (Completed- 10th March 2011)

    Thesis Title: Acyclic Edge Coloring of Graphs.

  4. Rogers Mathew (Completed- 30th March 2012.)

    Thesis Title: Boxicity and Cubicity: A study on special classes of graphs

  5. Deepak. R. (Completed- 27th September 2013)

    Thesis Title: Rainbow Colouring and some Dimensional Problems in Graph Theory

  6. Jasine Babu (Completed- 3rd July 2014)

    Thesis Title: Algorithmic and Combinatorial Questions on Some Geometric Problems on Graphs

  7. Abhiruk Lahiri

    MSc (Eng) Research Students

    1. Krishnam Raju (Completed)

      Thesis Title: Hadwiger number and the cartesian product operation on graphs.

    2. Naveen Belkale (Completed)

      Thesis Title: Hadwiger Conjecture on Circular Arc graphs.

    3. Ashik Mathew. K (Completed)

      Thesis Title: Geometric Representations of graphs: Cubicity and Boxicity

    4. Chintan D. Shah ( Completed)

      Thesis Title: Boxicity, Cubicity and Vertex Cover

    5. Subramania Bharadwaj B.V. (Completed)

      Thesis Title: The Isoperimetric Problem on trees and bounded treewidth graphs.

    6. Arunselvan. R. (Completed)

      Thesis Title: Rainbow Connection Number of Graph Power and Graph Products.

    7. Prachi Goel (Completed- 23rd August 2014)

      Thesis Title: Parametrized Complexity of Maximum Edge Coloring in Graphs

      ME Students

      1. Diptendu Bhowmick (Completed- May 2009)

        Thesis Title: Geometric Representations of Graphs for special classes.

      2. Ramanjit Kumar (Completed- Dec 2009)

        Thesis Title: SIG-dimension of trees under L-infinity metric

      3. Tejas S.P. (Completed- July 2009)

        Thesis Title: Acyclic Edge Coloring and Linear Arboricity of Graph products.

      4. Mangesh Pujari (Completed- July 2010)

        Thesis Title: Weiner Index of Special Classes of Graphs.

      5. Biswanath Haldar (Completed- April 2011)

      6. Pushpendra Singh Katoria (Completed- July 2013)

        Thesis Title: