Current Students

Raghavendra G.S. Ph.D., CSA Comparative analysis of topological structures
Mohit Sharma Ph.D., CSA
Ansu Mathew Ph.D., CPS (jointly advised by Venkatesh Babu)
Upkar Singh Ph.D., CSA
Dhipu TM M.Tech., CSA

Current Postdocs

Somenath Das Ph.D., University of Georgia Computational geometry, computer vision, graphics

Past Students


Talha Bin Masood Geometric and topological methods for biomolecular visualization (2018)
First position: Postdoc, Linköping University, Sweden
Nithin Shivashankar Morse-Smale complexes: computation and applications (2015)
First position: Independent Visualization Consultant, Bangalore
Dilip M. Thomas Symmetry in scalar fields (2015)
First position: Scientist, Adobe Research Labs, Bangalore
Nitin Singh On Walkup's class of manifolds and tight triangulations (2014)
[Jointly advised by Basudeb Datta, MATH]
First position: Scientist, IBM India Research Labs
Preeti Malakar Integrated parallel computations, data analysis, and visualization for large-scale
weather applications (2014) [Jointly advised by Sathish Vadhiyar, SERC]
First position: Postdoctoral researcher, Argonne National Lab, USA
Harish Doraiswamy Reeb graphs: computation, visualization, and applications (2013)
First position: Postdoctoral researcher, NYU, USA
Suthambhara N Visual analysis of interactions in multifield scientific data (2012)
First position: Philips Healthcare, Bangalore

M.Tech (Research) / M.Sc. (Engg.)

Girijanandan Nucha Computing contour trees for 2D piecewise polynomial functions (2018)
First position: Huawei Technologies, Bangalore
Akash Anil Valsangkar An exploratory framework for cyclone identification and tracking (2018)
First position: Nutanix, Bangalore
Vidya Narayanan Similarity between scalar fields (2016)
First position: Disney Research, Pittsburgh, USA
Raghavendra G.S. Identification and quantification of important voids and pockets in proteins (2013)
First position: NITK Surathkal
Kanuj Kumar Reconstruction of 3D neuronal structures (2013)
First position: SnapDeal, New Delhi

M.E. / M.Tech

Akshay Jain 2018 Spatial audio in immersive analytics
Suraj Kaushal 2017 Detecting topological similarity and dissimilarity in multi-field data
Jaipreet Singh 2017 Scalable methods for visualizing flow in a pellet filled reactor
Raman Preet Kaur 2016 Tracking change in topology during downsampling
Nikhil P. Ranjanikar 2016 Efficient parallel algorithm to compute a subcomplex of the weighted delaunay triangulation for molecular data [Jointly advised by Sathish Vadhiyar, CDS]
Tarun Bansal 2015 Development of a graphical interface for an endoscopy simulator
Aditya Acharya 2014 A parallel and memory efficient algorithm for constructing the contour tree
Anurag Murty 2013 Efficient homology computations on multicore and manycore system [Jointly advised by Sathish Vadhiyar, SERC]
Rahul Sharma 2013 Interactive virtual endoscopy of upper GI tract and stomach
Rakesh Malviya 2013 Channel detection in macromolecules
Talha Bin Masood 2012 Identifying symmetry in scalar fields
Debasish Tapna 2011 Interactive volume rendering on mobile devices using subsampling techniques
Vijeth Dinesha 2010 Uncertainty visualization using HDR volume rendering
Dilip M. Thomas 2009 Topology preserving simplification of meshes with embedded structures
Sandeep Chakradhari 2008 Visualization of automation system architecture
Sumit Kumar 2008 Visualization of biomolecular surfaces
Arun Kumar Reddy 2008 Shape descriptors for protein molecules