Vijay Natarajan


Department of Computer Science and Automation

Indian Institute of Science

Bangalore 560012


Office: Room 242, CSA

Tel: +91 80 22932909

Fax: +91 80 23602911

Email: vijayn [AT] iisc [DOT] ac [DOT] in

The note below is intended for students outside IISc who are interested in working with me as a summer intern or project assistant. I get several such emails and find it difficult to send a meaningful reply to each query individually.

If you write to me directly for a project assistant position, then please include (i) a brief description of your research interest and how it matches with ongoing work in our group, (ii) projects you have done in geometry/graphics, (iii) books/research articles you have read, and (iv) softwares/code that you have written. Also, attach your resume as a PDF or plain-text file. Alternately, you could send me a link to your web page that contains all of the above details about your work.