Master of Technology (M.Tech) Project Students

Current Students

  1. Mayank Sati, M.Tech (CSE), joined 2022

  2. Rankit Kachroo, M.Tech (CSE), joined 2022

  3. Samarth Singh, M.Tech (CSE), joined 2022

  4. Shrabana Biswas, M.Tech (CSE), joined 2022

  5. Shreya Salmalge Sharad, M.Tech (CSE), joined 2022

  6. Saurabh Jaiswal, M.Tech (AI), joined 2022

Former Students

  1. Rituraj Joshi, M.Tech (CSE): Instruction Following using Vision and Natural Language, 2022

  2. Sambit Ghosh, M.Tech (CSE): Explaining the Role of Reward Functions in Deep Reinforcement Learning, 2022

  3. Prasanna Srikar Regati, M.Tech (CSE): Reinforcement Learning Algorithms, 2021

  4. Rohan Deb, M.Tech (CSE): Gradient Temporal Difference with Momentum and Lambda-Schedule, 2021

  5. Rokkam Sandeep Reddy, M.Tech (AI): Deep Reinforcement Learning for Quadrupedal Locomotion, 2021

  6. Sai Sravan Reddy T.D, M.Tech (CSE): Distributed Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Dynamic Energy Pricing in Microgrids, 2021

  7. Soumya Rani Samineni, M.Tech (CSE) (joint guidance with Prof. Shishir N.Y.Kolathaya): Learning Techniques for Continuous Control and Safety of Robots, 2021

  8. Srishty Suman, M.Tech (CSE) (joint huidance with Prof. Bharadwaj Amrutur): Learning to Generate Action Sequence using Natural Language Command, 2021

  9. Vamsi Krishna Satya Chilamkurthi, M.Tech (AI) (joint guidance with Prof. Bharadwaj Amrutur): Learning to Control Robot for Manipulation Tasks through Natural Language, 2021

  10. Vinayak Jha, M.Tech (CSE): Reinforcement Learning in Trade, 2021

  11. Vinod Kumar Reddy, M.Tech (AI): Deep Reinforcement Learning for Financial Markets, 2021

  12. Ashish Raghuvanshi, M.Tech (CSE): Learning Control Policies for Quadruped Robots, 2020

  13. Mohd. Haroon Ansari, M.Tech (CSE): Deep Reinforcement Learning for E-grocery Supply Chain Optimization, 2020

  14. Shivam Chauhan, M.Tech (CSE): Reinforcement Learning for Machine Reading Comprehension, 2020

  15. Waquar Azam, M.Tech (CSE): Dynamic Route Adaptation of Vehicles, 2020

  16. Amishi Singh, M.Tech (CSE): Single Intrusion Detection in Multiple Wireless Sensor Networks, 2019

  17. Priya Bundela, M.Tech (CSE): Traffic Control and Optimization Using Reinforcement Learning, 2019

  18. Sandeep Nishad, M.Tech (CSE): Imitation and Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Arm, 2019

  19. Samadhan Sharma, M.Tech (CSE): A Modular Deep Network Architecture For Improving The Generalization of Reinforcement Learning, 2019

  20. Sayambhu Sen, M.Tech (SE): Multiagent Learning systems for Traffic control and Off-Policy Imitation Learning, 2019

  21. Sonu Dixit, M.Tech (SE): Adaptive Traffic Signal Control Using Multi Agent Reinforcement Learning, 2019

  22. Kodate Shreedhar Shreeshail, M.Tech (CSE): Multi-agent Adaptive Traffic Signal Control Using Deep Reinforcement Learning, 2018

  23. Tushar Shinde, M.Tech (CSE): Control Policies for Textual Games using Deep Reinforcement Learning, 2018

  24. Anurag Yadav, M.Tech (CSE): Adaptive Traffic Signal Control using Reinforcement Learning Algorithms, 2018

  25. Parankusham Keshav, M.Tech (CSE): Traffic Signal Optimization using Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning, 2018

  26. Yashwant Krishnadas, M.Tech (CSE): Real-Time Intelligent Traffic Management using Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning, 2018

  27. Debangshu Banerjee, M.Tech (SE): Hex and Neuro-dynamic Programming, 2018

  28. Arjun Dhakad, M.E (CSE): Using Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic Allocation of Resources in Cloud Computing, 2017

  29. Monica, M.E (SSA): Intrusion Detection in Decentralized Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks using Reinforcement Learning Algorithms, 2017

  30. Musunuri Prathima, M.E (CSE): Intelligent Traffic Signal Control by Modelling junctions for Noisy Events, 2017

  31. Praloy Karmakar, M.E (SSA): Fast Gradient-based Stochastic Algorithms with Simultaneous Perturbations, 2017

  32. Rohith R.R, M.E (SSA): Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms and their Applications, 2017

  33. Sushma Tingare, M.E (CSE): Junction Clustering Algorithms for Vehicular Traffic Control, 2017

  34. Swapnil Kakade, M.E (CSE), Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Vehicular Traffic Control and Control of Pedestrian Movements, 2017

  35. D.Raghuram Bharadwaj, M.E.(CSE): Novel Sensor Scheduling Scheme for Intruder Tracking in Energy Efficient Sensor Networks, 2016

  36. Aiswarya S., M.E.(SSA): Dynamic Resource Allocation in Cloud using Q-learning, 2016

  37. Prakash Chandra, M.E.(SSA): Actor-Critic Algorithm for Solving MDPs and a Q-routing Algorithm for Adaptive Routing, 2015

  38. Raj Kumar Maity, M.E.(SSA): Deterministic and Random Perturbation Algorithms for Simulation Optimization, 2015

  39. Rishabh Singla, M.E.(CSE): Finite Horizon Markov Decision Process for Optimal Resource Allocation on Crowdsourcing Platforms, 2015

  40. Anurag Tomar, M.E.(CSE): Parameter Tuning and Feature Adaptation for Traffic Signal Control, 2015

  41. Indrajeet Kumar, M.E.(CSE): Actor-Critic Reinforcement Learning Based Energy Management Policies for a Single Sensor Node with Finite Buffer, 2015

  42. Lawqueen Kanesh, M.E.(CSE): Optimal Sleeping Policies for Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks, 2015

  43. Ayush Dubey, M.E.(CSE): A Markov Decision Process Framework for Predictable Job Completion Times on Crowdsourcing Platforms, 2014.

  44. Hemanth Kumar, M.E.(CSE): Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Signal Control, 2014.

  45. Arun Kumar, M.E.(CSE): Parametric optimization in CSMA multiaccess communication protocols, 2014.

  46. Vinayaka G. Yaji, M.E.(SSA): Algorithms for Constrained Stochastic Games, 2013.

  47. Legena P.K., M.E.(CSE): Optimal Traffic Signal Timing Using Reinforcement Learning, 2013.

  48. Srujana Sadula, M.E.(CSE), Optimal Pricing of Tasks for Predictable Job Completion Times in Crowdsourcing Platforms, 2013.

  49. Akash Gidda, M.E.(CSE), Reinforcement Learning based Transmit Power Control with ARQ in Energy Harvesting Sensors, 2013.

  50. Indu John, M.E.(CSE), Gibbs Sampling Methods for Efficient Inference in the Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Mixture Model, 2013.

  51. Naveen Kumar (Jointly with Dr.Ambedkar Dukkipati), M.E.(CSE): Stochastic Optimization Algorithms for Average Cost Markov Decision Processes, 2013.

  52. Saswata Chakravarty, M.E.(SSA): Stochastic optimization and applications in reinforcement learning and optimal pricing, 2012.

  53. Abhranil Chatterjee, M.E.(SSA): Reinforcement learning based sleep-wake scheduling for object tracking in wireless sensor networks, 2012.

  54. Debarghya Ghosh Dastidar (Jointly with Dr.Ambedkar Dukkipati), M.E.(SSA): Properties of multivariate q-Gaussian distributions and its application to smoothed functional algorithms for stochastic optimization, 2012.

  55. Ravindra V, M.E.(CSE): Algorithms for optimal vehicular traffic control, 2012.

  56. Sunil Kumar Meena, M.E.(CSE): Reinforcement learning based optimal energy management policy for a single sensor node, 2012.

  57. Nikhil K.Malukani, M.E.(CSE): Pricing for enhanced QoS using SPSA and smoothed functional algorithms, 2012.

  58. Rajendu Mitra, ME(CSE): Intrusion detection using sensor networks, 2011.

  59. Shravan Kumar B.M, ME(CSE): Internet pricing, 2011.

  60. Chandrashekar Lakshmi Narayanan, M.E.(SSA) : An actor-critic algorithm based on linear programming and function approximation, 2010.

  61. Sudha Rani K, M.E.(ISE) : Ant colony optimization with applications in networks, 2008.

  62. A.Radhika, M.E.(CSE) : Performance optimization in ad hoc wireless networks, 2008.

  63. Chintapally Anil Kumar, M.E.(CSE) : Dynamic pricing in networks, 2008.

  64. G.Ramana Reddy, M.E.(CSE) : Performance optimization in bluetooth networks, 2008.

  65. Venkatesh C, M.E. (CSE) : A Unified Framework for Admission Control, Routing and Resource Allocation in Communication Networks, 2007.

  66. Mohan Gedela, M.E. (CSE) : Congestion-based Pricing for QoS, 2007.

  67. Koteswararao Vemu, M.E.(CSE): Link-Route Congestion Based Pricing for Enhanced QoS, 2007.

  68. Vijay P. Chaturvedi, M.E.(ISE) : An Efficient and Optimized Bluetooth Scheduling Algorithm for Piconets, 2007.

  69. H.L.Prasad, M.E.(SSA) : Terrain Exploration by Multi-Agents, 2007.

  70. Muralidhar, M.E.(CSE) : Performance Analysis of UMTS Networks, 2006.

  71. U.V.Vishwanath, M.E.(SSA) : An Optimal Scheduling of Agents in Call Centres, 2006.

  72. V.Rakesh, M.E.(SSA) : Optimal Parameterized Scheduling Policies in Bluetooth Networks, 2006.

  73. B.S.Channabasavanna M.E.(CSE) : A New Real Time Vehicle Navigation System, 2005.

  74. Jai Kumar Wadhwani M.E.(CSE) : Call Admission Control in Communication Networks, 2005.

  75. K.Mohan Babu M.E.(SSA) : Two-Timescale Q-Learning with Applications to Routing in Communication Networks, 2005.

  76. Archana Singh, M.E.(ISE) : Resource Allocation via Stochastic Approximation, 2004.

  77. Jnana Ranjan Panigrahi, M.E.(SSA) : Hierarchical Decision Making in Semiconductor Fabs using Multi-time Scale Markov Decision Processes, 2004.

  78. A Madhukar, M.E.(SSA) : Ergodic Control of Markov Chains Conditioned on Rare Events, 2004.

  79. Raghavendra Kumar Pandey, M.E.(SSA) : Higher Order Algorithms for Simulation Optimization with Applications to Communication Networks, 2004.

  80. Abhishek Verma, M.E.(ISE) : TCP Flow Control with RED Gateways, 2003.

  81. I.Bala Bhaskar Reddy, M.E.(SSA) : Admission Control in Communication Networks, 2003.

  82. Shishir Kumar, M.E.(CSE) : ABR Flow Control in ATM Networks, 2003.