M.Tech (Research) Students

Current Students

  1. Meet Pradhuman Gandhi: Novel Reinforcement Learning Algorithms and Applications to Hybrid Control Design Problems, Thesis Submitted, July 2021

  2. Ashish Kumar Jayant : Safe Reinforcement Learning, joined August 2019

  3. Akash Mondal: Stochastic Optimization, joined August 2020

  4. Naman Saxena (joint guidance with Prof. Shishir N.Y.Kolathaya): Reinforcement learning, robotics, joined August 2020

Former Students

  1. Sai Koti Reddy: Stochastic Newton Methods with Enhanced Hessian Estimation, Thesis Defended, May 2017

  2. Sindhu P.R.: Algorithms for Product Pricing and Energy Allocation in Energy Harvesting Sensor Networks, Thesis Defended, Feb 2015

  3. Amrish Patel (jointly with Dr.Shirish Shevade) : Semi-supervised Classification using Gaussian Processes, graduated, 2009

  4. Rajesh Patro: A Nonlinear Stochastic Optimization Framework for RED, graduated, 2006

  5. Rahul Vaidya : Online Optimization of RED Routers, graduated, 2004