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Recent Publications (2020 –)

Journal Papers

  1. Chandramouli K., D.R.Bharadwaj, and S.Bhatnagar, Generalized Second Order Value Iteration in Markov Decision Processes, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (accepted), September 2021 arXiv

  2. A.Ramaswamy and S.Bhatnagar, Analyzing approximate value iteration algorithms, Mathematics of Operations Research, Accepted, July 2021 arXiv

  3. P.Karmakar and S.Bhatnagar, On tight bounds for function approximation error in risk-sensitive reinforcement learning, Systems and Control Letters (accepted), February 2021

  4. P.Karmakar and S.Bhatnagar, Stochastic approximation with iterate-dependent Markov noise under verifiable conditions in compact state space with the stability of iterates not ensured, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (accepted), January 2021 online pdf arXiv

  5. A.Ramaswamy, S.Bhatnagar and D.Quevedo, Asynchronous stochastic approximations with asymptotically biased errors and deep multi-agent learning, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (accepted), September 2020 online pdf arXiv

  6. V.G.Yaji and S.Bhatnagar, Stochastic Recursive Inclusions in Two Timescales with Non-additive Iterate-dependent Markov Noise, Mathematics of Operations Research, Vol. 45, No.4, pp. 1405-1444, November 2020 online pdf arXiv

  7. A.Singla, Sindhu P.R., and S.Bhatnagar, Memory-based Deep Reinforcement Learning for Obstacle Avoidance in UAV with Limited Environment Knowledge, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Vol.22, No.1, pp.107-118, January 2021 online pdf arXiv

  8. K.J.Prabuchandran, S.Penubothula, Chandramouli K., and S.Bhatnagar, Novel first order Bayesian optimization with an application to reinforcement learning, Applied Intelligence, Springer (accepted), September 2020 online pdf

  9. Sindhu P.R., Prabuchandran K.J., aqnd S.Bhatnagar, Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Non-Stationary Environments, Applied Intelligence, Springer, Vol.50, pp.3590-3606, 2020 online pdf arXiv

  10. I.John, Chandramouli K., and S.Bhatnagar, Generalized Speedy Q-learning, IEEE Control Systems Letters, Vol.4, Issue 3, July 2020 online pdf

  11. Prashanth L.A., S.Bhatnagar, N.Bhavsar, M.Fu and S.Marcus, Random directions stochastic approximation with deterministic perturbations, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Vol. 65, Issue 6, pp. 2450-2465, June 2020 online pdf arXiv

  12. V.G.Yaji and S.Bhatnagar, Analysis of Stochastic Approximation Schemes with Set-valued Maps in the Absence of a Stability Guarantee and their Stabilization, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Vol. 65, Issue 3, pp. 1100-1115, March 2020 online pdf arXiv

  13. Chandramouli K., D.R.Bharadwaj and S.Bhatnagar, Successive Over-Relaxation Q-Learning, IEEE Control Systems Letters (L-CSS), Vol. 4, Issue 1, pp. 55-60, Jan 2020 online pdf arXiv

Preprints Submitted to journals

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Proceedings of International Conferences

  1. P.Parnika, D.R.Bharadwaj, D.S.K.Reddy and S.Bhatnagar, Attention Actor-Critic algorithm for Multi-Agent Constrained Co-operative Reinforcement Learning, AAMAS, Virtual Event, May 3-7, 2021

  2. K.Paigwar, L.Krishna, S.Tirumala, N.Khetanm A.Sagi, A.Joglekar, S.Bhatnagar, A.Ghosal, B.Amrutur, and S.Kolathaya, Robust Quadrupedal Locomotion on Sloped Terrains: A Linear Policy Approach, Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL), Virtual Event, November 16-18, 2020

  3. S.Tirumala, S.G.Venkatesh, K.Paigwar, A.V.Sagi, A.Joglekar, S.Bhatnagar, B.Amrutur and S.N.Y.Kolathaya, Learning Stable Manoevres for Quadruped Robots from Expert Demonstrations, 29th IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (Ro-Man), Naples, Italy, Aug.31-Sep.04, 2020

  4. S.Nayak, C.A.Ekbote, A.P.S.Chauhan, D.R.Bharadwaj, P.Ray, A.Sikdar, D.S.K.Reddy, and S.Bhatnagar, Stochastic Game Framework for Efficient Energy Management in Microgrid Networks, IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference, The Hague, Netherlands, Oct. 25-28, 2020 arXiv

  5. Sindhu P.R., S. Rao, and S.Bhatnagar, Learning-Based Resource Allocation in Industrial IoT Systems, IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, London, UK, Aug. 31 - Sep. 3, 2020

  6. I.John and S.Bhatnagar, Deep Reinforcement Learning with Successive Over-Relaxation and its Application in Auto-scaling Cloud Resources, International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), Glasgow, UK, July 19-24, 2020

  7. D.R.Bharadwaj, Chandramouli K., and S.Bhatnagar, A convergent off-policy temporal difference algorithm, European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI), Santiago de Compostela, Spain, June 8-12, 2020