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Analysing Message Sequence Graph Specifications
Joy Chakraborty, Deepak D'Souza, K. Narayan Kumar
Analysing Message Sequence Graph Specifications
Joy Chakraborty, Deepak D'Souza, K. Narayan Kumar


A Computational Procedure for General-sum Stochastic Games
Prasad H. L., S. Bhatnagar, N. Hemachandra
Popular Matchings with variable job capacities
Telikepalli Kavitha and Meghana Nasre
Conflict-Tolerant Specifications in Temporal Logic
Sumesh Divakaran, Deepak D'Souza, Raj Mohan M.
Conflict-Tolerant Real-Time Specifications in Metric Temporal Logic
Sumesh Divakaran, Deepak D'Souza, Raj Mohan M.
Counter-free input-determined timed automata
Fabrice Chevalier, Deepak D'Souza, Pavithra Prabhakar
An Adaptive, Energy-efficient Object Cache Architecture
S.S. Shekhar, Y.N. Srikant
Computing Complete Test Graphs for Hierarchical Systems
Deepak D'Souza and Madhu Gopinathan
Specification Based Regression Testing Using Explicit State Space Enumeration
Sujit Kumar Chakraborti and Y.N. Srikant
A Combinatorial Family of LDPC Codes
K. Murali Krishnan, L. Sunil Chandran, Priti Shankar
On the expressiveness of MTL with past operators
Pavithra Prabhakar and Deepak D'Souza
Compiler-Assisted Leakage Energy Optimization for Clustered VLIW Architectures
Rahul Nagpal and Y N Srikant
On continuous timed automata with input-determined guards
Fabrice Chevalier, Deepak D'Souza, Pavithra Prabhakar
SPSA Algorithms with Measurement Reuse
Mohammed Shahid Abdulla and Shalabh Bhatnagar
A Randomized Algorithm for Large Scale SVM classification
S. Krishnan C. Bhattacharyya R. Hariharan
Field Flow Sensitive Pointer and Escape Analysis for Java as Logic Programs Using SSA
Prakash Prabhu and Priti Shankar
Flattening Metric Temporal Logic
Deepak D'Souza, Raj Mohan M. and Pavithra Prabhakar
Partial Flow Sensitivity
Subhajit Roy and Y.N. Srikant
Computing the Stopping Distance of a Tanner Graph is NP-hard
K. Murali Krishnan and Priti Shankar
Cache Traffic Optimization
Anasua Bhowmik and Mohamed Zahran
Design and Implementation of a Concurrent Garbage Collector for Rotor
Archana Ravindar and Y.N. Srikant
Exact And Approximate Algorithms for ML Decoding on Tail-Biting Trellises
Priti Shankar, A.S. Madhu and Aditya Nori
An Automata Based Approach for Verifying Information Flow Properties
Deepak D'Souza, Raghavendra K. R., Barbara Sprick
Hadwiger number and the cartesian product operation on graphs
L. Sunil Chandran and J. Krishnam Raju
Reinforcement Learning Based Algorithms For Average Cost Markov Decision Processes
Mohammed Shahid Abdulla and Shalabh Bhatnagar
On the expressiveness of MTL in the pointwise and continuous semantics
Deepak D'Souza and Pavithra Prabhakar
Eventual Timed Automata
Deepak D'Souza and Raj Mohan M
Measure Once 1-way Quantum Finite Automata with Quantum Nondeterminism
M. V. Panduranga Rao, V. Vinay
On a Computing Model Based on Optical Interference
M. V. Panduranga Rao
YAM: A Framework for Open Ended Heterogeneous Modelling and Documentation
Sujit Kumar Chakrabarti and Y. N. Srikant
Boxicity of Series Parallel graphs
Ankur Bohra, L. Sunil Chandran, J. Krishnam Raju
Object Cache: An Energy Efficient Cache Architecture
S.S. Shekhar and Y.N. Srikant
Exploring Energy-Performance Trade-offs for Heterogeneous Interconnect Clustered VLIW Processors
Rahul Nagpal and Y.N. Srikant
Static Analysis for Identifying and Allocating Clusters of Immortal Objects
Archana Ravindar and Y.N. Srikant
Construction and Use of Linear Regression Models for Processor Performance Analysis
P. J. Joseph, Kapil Vaswani, Matthew J. Thazhuthaveetil
On Adiabatic Quantum Unordered Search
M. V. Panduranga Rao
On timed automata with input-determined guards
Deepak D'Souza and Nicolas Tabareau
Representing, Detecting, and Profiling Paths in Hardware
Kapil Vaswani, T. Matthew Jacob, and Y.N. Srikant
Exact and Approximate Maximum-Likelihood Decoding Algorithms on Tail-Biting Trellises
Priti Shankar , A.S. Madhu and Aditya Nori
Space/time tradeoffs in code compression for the TMS320C62x processor
Sreejith Menon and Priti Shankar
Experiments with a new dictionary based code-compression tool on a VLIW processor
J. Prakash, C. Sandeep, Priti Shankar and Y.N. Srikant
SWuS : Software Watermark using Slices (ME Report)
Amarnath Mullick and Y.N. Srikant
Quantum finite automata and weighted automata
M. V. Panduranga Rao and V. Vinay
The Best Nurturers in Computer Science Research
M. Bharath Kumar and Y.N. srikant
A Product Line Architecture for Word-of-Mouth Social Software
M. Bharath Kumar and Srikanta J. Bedathur
Transition Aware Scheduling: Increasing Continuous Idle Periods in Resource Units
K. Ananda Vardhan and Y.N. Srikant
A Graph Matching Based Integrated Scheduling Framework for Clustered VLIW Processors
Rahul Nagpal and Y.N. Srikant
Using Neighborhood Preserving Projections for Comparing Protein Structures
Sourangshu Bhattacharya, Chiranjib Bhattacharyya
An automata-theoretic approach to Constraint LTL
Stephane Demri and Deepak D'Souza
Architectural Support for Online Program Instrumentation
Kapil Vaswani, Y N Srikant and T Matthew Jacob
Maximum Likelihood Decoding of Block Codes on their Tail-Biting Trellises
Priti Shankar, P.N.A. Kumar, K. Sasidharan and B.S. Rajan
Tail-Biting Trellises for Linear Codes and their Duals
Aditya Nori and Priti Shankar
A Survey on Grammar Based Compression
R. Easwaran
Using Hardcoded Hedge-Automata for Compressing Structured Documents
Aditya Nori, Priti Shankar and Helmut Seidl
Non-Strict Cache Coherence: Exploiting Data-Race Tolerance in Emerging Applications
Siddhartha V Tambat and Sriram Vajapeyam
Sub-Tagged Caches: Study of Variable Cache-Block Size Emulation
Siddhartha V Tambat, Sriram Vajapeyam and S Muthulaxmi
Extensions of Some Efficient Algorithms for Similarity Searches
Nimisha Gupta and Priti Shankar
Information Geometry and Plefka's Mean-Field Theory
C Bhattacharya and S S Keerthi
Mean-Field Theory for Stochastic Connectionist Networks with Nits Having Discrete States
C Bhattacharya and S S Keerthi
Omnigraphics: An Alternative View of Images Synthesis
S Manohar and R Srinivasan
On Viewing Block Codes as Finite Automata
Amitava Dasgupta, Priti Shankar, Kaustubh Deshmukh and B S Rajan
Completeness of Negation as Finite Failure: A Resolution Proof
V Chandru, S Roy and R Subramanyam
Mathematical Programming Embeddings of Logic
V S Borkar, V Chandru, D Micciancio and S K Millter
Integer Programming
V Chandru and M R Rao
An Enhanced Co-scheduling Method using Reduced MS-State Diagrams
R Govindarajan, N S S Narasimha Rao, Erik R Altman and Guang R Gao
Finding Minimum Cost Derivation Trees for Regular Tree Grammars
Maya Madhavan and Priti Shankar
Dynamic Vectorization: The Potential of Exploiting Repetitive Control Flow
Sriram Vajapeyam, Tulika Mitra, P J Joseph and Arghya Mukherjee
An Overview of Homology Searching for Biological Sequences Databases
Pethuru Raj
Data Partitioning Technique for General Loops Across Distributed Memory Machines
S R Prakash and Y N Srikant
Communication Cost Estimation and Global Data Partitioning for Distributed Memory Machines
S R Prakash and Y N Srikant
Lectures on Algebraic Geometric Codes
P Vijaya Kumar
A Study of Robust Smoothing
Ashok Subramanian
Integrated Modeling and Reverse Engineering for Layered Manufacturing
V Chandru, B Gurumoorthy and S Manohar
Device Matrix: A Tool for Systematic Design of Virtual Environments
Rajalakshmi Iyer S and S Manohar
Combinatorial Optimization
V Chandru and M R Rao
The Recognition of Counting and Smoothing Networks
V S Anil Kumar
Constructive Negation in Definite Constraint Logic Programs
V Chandru, S Roy and R Subramanyam
Program Level Control of Network Delay for Parallel Asynchronous Iterative Applications
P J Joseph and Sriram Vajapeyam
Improving Instruction Dispatch and Issue for Superscalar Processors Running Ordinary Programs
Sriram Vajapeyam and Tulika Mitra
Voxel-based Modelling for Layered Manufacturing
V Chandru
Two Recent Algorithms for the Global Minimum Cut Problem
Ashok Subramanian
VICE: A Highly Parallel Rendering Environment for Visualization
S Manohar
A New Parallel Line Algorithms
S M S Hebbar and S Manohar
Preprocessing Classification of Plane Polygons for 3D Polygon Clipping
B Shankaranarayanan
Parallel Architecture for the Computation of Uniform Rational B-Spline Patches
Meenakshi Sundaram Gopi and Swami Manohar
Volume Rendering of Unstructured Grids: A Voxelization Approach
C E Prakash and S Manohar
A New Algorithm for Efficient Form Factor Computation
M Sridhar, V Sriram and S Manohar
A Polynomial Bound on the Number of Light Cycles in an Undirected Graph
Ashok Subramanian
New Complexity Results on Three and Higher Dimensional Generalized Voronoi Diagrams
Abhi Dattasharma and Tamal K Dey
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Ashok Subramanian
An Explanation of Splaying
Ashok Subramanian
Characterizing Weak Visibilty Polygons and Related Problems
S K Ghosh, A Maheshwari, S P Pal, S Saluja and C E Veni Madhavan
Algorithms for Weak Visibility Polygons
S P Pal, S K Ghosh and C E Veni Madhavan
A Linear Time Algorithm for Computing The Shortest Line Segment from which a Polygon is Weakly Externally Visible
Binay K Bhattacharya, Ashish Mukhopadhyay and Godfried T Toussaini
A Linear Time Algorithm for the Smallest Intersection Radius Problem
Binay K Bhattacharya and Ashish Mukhopadhyay
Optimal Polygon Placement by Translation
S P Pal, B Dasgupta and C E Veni Madhavan
2-Separator Chordal Graphs
P Sreenivasa Kumar and C E Veni Madhavan
A Model for Content Addressable Memory
S H Sreenivasa and M Narasimha Murty
A Model-Theoretic Approach to Clustering
V Sridhar and M Narasimha Murty
Learning Defaults: Recognizing Patterns in Beliefs
V Sridhar and M Narasimha Murty
Belief Revision - An Axiomatic Approach
V Sridhar and M Narasimha Murty
A Semi-Aggressive Scheduler
S Haldar
An Efficient Concurrency Control Algorithm for Database Systems
S Haldar
A Knowledge-based Clustering Approach for Semantic Modelling of Databases
V Sridhar and M Narasimha Murty
An Efficient Algorithm for the Polygon Containment Problem for Monotone Polygons
S P Pal, B Dasgupta and C E Veni Madhavan
The Structure of Visibility Graphs of Simple Polygons
V Vinay and C E Veni Madhavan
Conversion of decision tables to programs in a multiprocessor system
V Rajaram
Fast Parallel Solution of Systems of Linear and Non-linear Circuit Equations on a Multiprocessors System
A Sarala and V Rajaraman
Decision Tables
V Rajaraman
A 3-D VLSI Modular Matrix Multiplier
A Sarala and V Rajaraman
An Efficient Solution for the Collision Detection Problem
S S Keerthi, C Jaishankar and S Ramesh
A Fast Method for Collision Avoidance for an articulated two link planar robot using Distance Functions
S S Keerthi, Joe Selvaraj
Structure of Clique Hupergraphs of Chordal Graphs and Subclasses
P Sreenivasa Kumar and C E Veni Madhavan
Efficient Algorithms for computing two measures of depth of collision between convex polygons
S Sathya Keerthi and K Sridharan
Solution of Parameterized linear inequalities by fourier elimination and its applications
S S Keerthi and K Sridharan
A Survey of Some Recent Developments in the Numerical Solution of ODEs
S S Keerthi
A Fully Distributed Termination Detection Algorithm for an Arbitrary Network
S Haldar and D K Subramanian
Variable-Based intelligent backtracking
V Rajasekhar and M Narasimha Murthy
Parallel Heuristics for Euclidean Minimum Steiner Tree Problem
Sanjeev Saxena, P C P Bhatt and V C Prasad
Dynamic Theory
V Rajaraman
A Knowledge-based Environment for Clustering
Atul Negi and M Narasimha Murty
Clustering using Biased Nearest-Neighbor Search
Atul Negi and M Narasimha Murty
Shell Data Structure for Ray Tracing
B S S Pradhan and Ashish Mukhopadhyay
Sub-Logarithmic Time Parallel Algorithms for Sorting of Integers
Sanjeev Saxena
On Parallel Addition
Sanjeev Saxena
An Optimal Divide and Conquer Algorithm for the Convex Hull Problem in Four or Higher Dimensions
Suresh Jadhav, Sanjay Malhotra and Ashish Mukhopadhyay
Some Applications of Parallel Computational Geometry and Graph Theory to Planar Routing Algorithms
Sanjeev Saxena, V C Prasad and P C P Bhatt
An Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Random Sampling
Vijayan Rajan, R K Ghosh and P Gupta

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