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Designation : Professor

Department : Computer Science and Automation

email : srikant@iisc.ac.in

Phone : +91-80-2293 2771

Fax : +91-80-2360 2911

Official Address : Dept. of Computer Science and Automation

Indian Institute of Science

Bangalore 560 012, India

Residential Address : NE-314, New E-Type Quarters

Indian Institute of Science Campus

Bangalore 560 012, India

Phone: +91-80-2360 3452

Educational Qualifications

B.E. (Electronics) Bangalore University, 1978.

M.E. (Automation) Indian Institute of Science (CSA), 1980.

Ph.D. (Computer Science) Indian Institute of Science (CSA), 1986.

Professional Activities

Member, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, SOFTWARE: Practice and Experience, Wiley

Associate Editor, Sadhana, Indian Academy of Sciences

Member, Editorial Council, Resonance, Indian Academy of Sciences, 2013-16

PC member, RTSS 2012

PC Member, EMSOFT 2014

PC Chair, IISc Centenary Conference, MCDES 2008

PC Member, EMSOFT 2007, 2008, 2010

PC Member, VLSI Design 2007

PC Member, PACT 2003

Technical Program Chair, IEEE TENCON 2003

Member of Computer Society of India

Positions held at the Indian Institute of Science

13-Oct-1980 12-Oct-1985 Systems Programmer

13-Oct-1985 2-Jul-1987 Senior Scientific Officer

3-Jul-1987 2-Jul-1993 Assistant Professor

3-Jul-1993 2-Jul-1999 Associate Professor

3-Jul-1999 Present Professor

3-Jul-1999 10-Nov-2000 Associate Chairman

11-Nov-2000 3-Nov-2005 Chairman

Research Interests:

Link to Compilers, Programing Languages and Software Engineering Research Group

Timing analysis of programs using static analysis, domain-specific languages,

compilation for multi-core architectures, profiling, speculative execution,

parallel programming languages, static analysis for security, and compiling for clouds.

Some Ongoing Research Projects

  1. Typestates and verifying rich behavioral properties of complex programs

  2. Static analysis and security of Android apps

  3. Falcon: A new programming language for graph manipulations and its implementation on heterogeneous systems

  4. Compiling StreamIT on GPUs

Teaching Interests at graduate level:

  1. Programming Language Design and Implementation

  2. Compiler Design (see Compiler Design Course Description)

  3. Two NPTEL sponsored video courses on compiler design are available at:

    Compiler Design (advanced course) and

    Principles of Compiler Design (first level course)

    (Available on youtube also)

Sponsored Projects:

  1. Robotics and applications (DRDO, 1985-90, Co-Principal Investigator).

  2. A Parallelizer for Fortran programs for the BARC parallel processing system (DAE, 1995-99, Principal Investigator).

  3. A Retargetable Compiler Tool Kit for DSP architectures (Motorola India Electronics Ltd., 1997-98, Principal Investigator).

  4. Investigations with .NET (Microsoft Research, July 2001-03, Principal Investigator).

  5. Profile-Guided Optimizations with ROTOR (Microsoft Research, 2002-04, Principal Investigator).

  6. Memory System Behaviour of .NET Applications and A Profile-Guided Garbage Collector for Rotor (Microsoft Research, 2004-05, Principal Investigator).

  7. Collaboration with University of Saarland (Saarbruecken, Germany) on Predictability of Resource Consumption in Embedded Systems (DST/DAAD, 2005-08, Principal Investigator).

  8. A framework for power-aware programming (Satyam Computers, 2005-06, Principal Investigator).

  9. Program partitioning for massively multi-player games (Satyam Computers, 2006-07, Principal Investigator).

  10. A parallel Java virtual machine for multi-core architectures (Satyam Computers, 2007-08, Principal Investigator).

  11. Exploiting energy-saving features of sensor network nodes by smart compilation (DRDO, 2006-2010, Investigator, part of Wireless Sensor Networks Project).

  12. Multi-Core Cloud Computing Platforms: Programming, Compiling, Scheduling and Resource Allocation Issues (Infosys Technologies, 2009-2013, Principal Investigator).

  13. Program Analysis and Applications, IMPECS Project (DST/MPI, 2011-2016, Principal Investigator)

Research Thesis Guidance - Ph.D

  1. N. Viswanathan, Algorithms for Parallel Compilation, Ph.D, Jan. 1992 (currently at Zilog Corporation, USA).

  2. R.K. Kulkarni, Towards Complete Automatic Code Generation, Ph.D, Sept.1995 (successful entrepreneuer, whose company, Synergy Infotech, was acquired by Sonim Technologies; currently pursuing another company, Parallelocity).

  3. U. Nagaraj Shenoy, Automatic Data Partitioning Using Hirearchical Genetic Search, Ph.D, Sept. 1996 (formerly Associate Professor, North-Western University) .

  4. R. Venugopal, Incremental Techniques for Code Generation Problems, Ph.D, June 1997 (currently at Synopsis).

  5. M.A. Dave, AMI - The Language and its Implementation, Ph.D, April 1997.

  6. S.R.Prakash, Hyperplane Partitioning: An Approach to Global Data Partitioning for Distributed Memory Machines, Ph.D, July 1998 (currently at AMD, Bangalore).

  7. Vineet Kumar Paleri, An Environment for Automatic Generation of Code Optimizers, Ph.D, July 1999 (jointly with Prof. Priti Shankar, currently Professor in CSE dept., NIT Calicut)

  8. M. Bharat Kumar, Mining for Nurturers in Collaborative Networks, Ph.D, May 2007 (currently an entrepreneuer)

  9. Sujit Kumar Chakrabarti, Using Explicit State Space Enumeration for Specification based Regression Testing , Ph.D, July 2008 (currently assistant Professor, IIIT, Bangalore)

  10. Kapil Vaswani, Efficient Online Path Profiling, Ph.D, February 2008 (jointly with Prof. Matthew Jacob)(currently at Microsoft Research India). kapil-PhD-thesis.pdf

  11. Rahul Nagpal, Compiler-Based Energy Optimizations for Clustered VLIW Processors, Ph.D, July 2008 (currently at AMD, Bangalore).Rahul_PhD_Thesis.pdf

  12. Subhajit Roy, Algorithms for Profiling and Representing Programs with Applications to Speculative Optimizations, Ph.D, June 2010 (currently assistant professor, IIT Kanpur). Subhajit_PhD_Thesis.pdf

  13. R. Arun, Energy-saving compiler optimizations for multi-core architectures, Ph.D, June 2011 (currently at AMD, Bangalore). arun-PhD-thesis.pdf

  14. Aparna Mandke, Fast Performance Analyzer for Chip Multicore Architectures, Ph.D, June 2012. (jointly with Dr. Bharadwaj Amrutur, currently at AMD, Bangalore). aparna-PhD-thesis.pdf

  15. Archana Ravindar, Investigations on CPI-Centric Worst Case Execution Time Analysis, Ph.D, June 2013 (currently at IBM, Bangalore). archana-PhD-thesis.pdf

  16. Ananda Vardhan K, Designing Energy-Aware Optimization Techniques through Program Behavior Analysis, Ph.D, August 2014 (currently at INTEL, Bangalore). anand-PhD-thesis.pdf

  17. Kartik Nagar, Precise analysis of Private and Shared Caches for tight WCET Estimates, Ph.D, June 2016 (currently at Purdue University, USA). kartik-PhD-thesis.pdf

  18. C. Unnikrishnan, Falcon:- A Graph Manipulation Language for Distributed Heterogeneous Systems, Ph.D, July 2017 (currently Assistant Professor, IIT Palakkad). Unnikrishnan-PhD-thesis.pdf

  19. Ashish Mishra, Typestates and Beyond: Verifying Rich Behavioral Properties Over Complex Programs, Ph.D, January 2018 (currently at Purdue University, USA). Ashish-PhD-thesis.pdf

Research Thesis Guidance – M.Sc(Engg.)

  1. M. Chelliah, A Compiler and Symbolic Debugger for Occam, M.Sc.(Engg.), Aug. 1989.

  2. M.A. Dave, A Parallelizing Compiler for Pascal, M.Sc.(Engg.), Oct.1989.

  3. Laeeq M. Khan, An Implementation of Cross Architecture Procedure Call, M.Sc.(Engg.), June 1990.

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Y.N.~Srikant and Priti Shankar (ed.), The Compiler Design Handbook:~Optimization

and Machine Code Generation, Taylor and Francis (CRC Press), second edition, 2008

(first edition, 2002).

Book Chapters:

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