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A 3-Approximation Algorithm for Maximum Independent Set of Rectangles

Series: Theory Seminar

Speaker: Dr. Arindam Khan Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science & Automation Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru, India.

Date/Time: Aug 20 16:00:00

Location: Microsoft Teams - ON-LINE

Faculty Advisor:

We study the Maximum Independent Set of Rectangles (MISR) problem, where we are given a set of axis-parallel rectangles in the plane and the goal is to select a subset of non-overlapping rectangles of maximum cardinality. In a recent breakthrough, Mitchell [2021] obtained the first constant-factor approximation algorithm for MISR. His algorithm achieves an approximation ratio of 10 and it is based on a dynamic program that intuitively recursively partitions the input plane into special polygons called corner-clipped rectangles, without intersecting certain special horizontal line segments called fences.

In this work, we present a 3-approximation algorithm for MISR which is based on a similar recursive partitioning scheme. First, we use a partition into a more general class of axis-parallel polygons with constant complexity each, which allows us to provide an arguably simpler analysis and at the same time already improves the approximation ratio to 6. Then, using a more elaborate charging scheme and a recursive partitioning into general axis-parallel polygons with constant complexity, we improve our approximation ratio to 3. In particular, our partitioning uses more general fences that can be sequences of up to O(1) line segments each. This and our other new ideas may be useful for future work towards a PTAS for MISR.
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Host Faculty: Dr. Rahul Saladi