Formation of CSA

The activities of the school kept pace with the rapid changes taking place in technologies. New research areas and laboratories were set up in areas like artificial intelligence, robotics, graphics, natural language processing, intelligent systems, manufacturing systems, distributed systems, and theoretical computer science. A computing laboratory containing several computer systems and connecting the entire building space was a forerunner in the area of client-server computing, networking and internet applications.

In order to fully reflect the nature of work done by the faculty and students, the school was renamed as the Department of Computer science and Automation in the mid-eighties. The M.E. in Computer Science and Engineering is the flagship program of the department. The department started a B.E. program in the early eighties to meet the growing demand for highly skilled, intellectual man power required in the computer industry. Many short-term courses have been offered to re-train employed professionals in emerging technologies. The department has maintained a high profile of research activities in addition to assistance to industries, consultancies, banks, utilities, defence and space organizations thereby fulfilling the original objectives set at the beginning.