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The effect of network delays on Distributed Ledgers based on Direct Acyclic Graphs: A mathematical model

Series: Department Seminar

Speaker: Prof. Alexandre Reiffers-Masson

Date/Time: Apr 01 14:00:00

Location: Microsoft Teams Online

Faculty Advisor:

In this talk, we introduce a new mathematical model to analyse the performance of fully distributed ledgers based on Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG), under the presence of heterogeneous delay. In particular, we focus on the IOTA foundations tangle, while our results can be extended to other DAG-based distributed ledgers. State-of-the-art mathematical models trying to capture the impact of delays on the performance of such distributed ledgers rely on some particular approximations. In contrast, through our model, we are able to analytically derive similar performance guarantees, in a more realistic set-up. We contrast our results with results obtained in a real testbed, showing good accordance between them.
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Speaker Bio:
Alexandre Reiffers is an assistant professor at IMT Atlantique (Brest). He was previously a post-doctoral fellow at Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber-Physical Systems in IISc. He received a B.Sc. degree in mathematics (2010) from the University of Marseille, a masters degree in applied mathematics (2012) from the University of Pierre et Marie CURIE and the PhD degree in computer science (January 2016) from the INRIA (National research institute in computer science and control) and the University of Avignon. From July 2016 to December 2017, Alexandre Reiffers was a researcher at SafranTech where he was working on a comparison of maintenance strategies. Most of his research projects concern the application of mathematical tools (game theory, optimization, stochastic process and machine learning) for a better understanding of real-world problems. The different issues that he studies touch on topics such as networks, economy and manufacturing.

Host Faculty: Gugan Thoppe