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Alice in the PA-Land

Series: Theory Seminar

Speaker: Maciej Obremski, Senior Research Fellow, National University of Singapore, Centre for Quantum Technologies.

Date/Time: Apr 07 16:00:00

Location: Microsoft Teams - ON-LINE

Faculty Advisor:

The speaker will take us on a wondrous journey through different variants of the Privacy Amplification problem (with different levels of Eavesdroppers power) and associated with the variants of extractors. Well start with a toy version of the problem then discuss a classical DW09 result finally culminating in a grand finale: variant with corrupted randomness sources and tampered memory from AORSS20 and COA21(order randomized). The main result includes the latest construction of a two-source non-malleable extractor, which surpasses all known constructions of non-malleable seedless/seeded extractors. We will only show the general overview of the construction/compiler.

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Host Faculty: Prof. Bhavana Kanukurthi