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Memory compression for higher effective capacity and bandwidth

Series: Department Seminar

Speaker: Dr. Esha Choukse AI and Advanced Architectures group, Microsoft

Date/Time: Dec 19 11:00:00

Location: CSA Lecture Hall (Room No. 112, Ground Floor)

Faculty Advisor:

Many important client and data center applications need large memory capacity and high memory bandwidth to achieve their performance and energy efficiency goals. Hardware memory compression provides a promising direction to increase effective memory capacity and bandwidth without increasing system cost. This talk focuses on low overhead, hardware-centric compression mechanisms and compressed data management solutions for CPUs and GPUs.

Speaker Bio:
Esha Choukse is a hardware architect at Microsoft, in the AI and Advanced Architectures group. She received her Ph.D. in Computer Architecture in 2019, at the University of Texas at Austin, advised by Dr. Mattan Erez. Her research focuses on memory systems. She received her Bachelor\\\'s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur in 2012. She has worked at Qualcomm as a Systems Engineer and has done internships at ARM Research, Intel, and NVIDIA research.

Host Faculty: Arkaprava Basu