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Topological Data Analysis, Basics, Computation and Applications

Series: Department Seminar

Speaker: Siddharth Pritam, Shiv Nadar University, NCR-Delhi

Date/Time: Oct 10 15:00:00

Location: CSA Seminar Hall (Room No. 254, First Floor)

Faculty Advisor:

In this talk, we will discuss the basic theory of Topological data analysis (TDA), in particular, Persistent Homology (PH). Then we will look into its computational aspects including the challenges and the recent advancements. We will also discuss our recent work (SoCG 22) with Marc Gliss to speed-up the computation of flag filtration using

Speaker Bio:
Siddharth Pritam has done his undergraduate (BS+MS) studies (2006-2011) from the Department of Mathematics at IIT Kharagpur India and he obtained his PhD (Nov 2016-Jun 2020) from Inria Sophia Antipolis under the guidance of Jean-Daniel Boissonnat. He is currently employed as a Faculty member at Shiv Nadar University, NCR-Delhi. He has also spent around 4 years working in industry (FICO, India, Bangalore) as a data scientist.

Host Faculty: Prof. Vijay Natarajan