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The GRAMA project: Game theory, Random processes, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning for (Indian) Agriculture

Series: CSA Faculty Colloquium

Speaker: Prof. Y. Narahari CSA, IISc

Date/Time: Mar 28 16:30:00

Location: CSA Seminar Hall (Room No. 254, First Floor)

Faculty Advisor:

We, at the Game Theory Lab in the Department of CSA, are currently engaged in a bouquet of projects exploring the use of game theory, optimization, and machine learning to address a few important problems in digital agriculture in the Indian context. These projects include: PREPARE, ACRE, CROPS, PROMISE, PROSPER, and AGRI-VAAHAN (acronyms will be expanded in the talk). PREPARE is concerned with crop price prediction; ACRE, with crop recommendation; CROPS, with crop planning; PROMISE, with procurement of agricultural inputs; and PROSPER, with markets for selling agricultural produce. AGRI-VAAHAN is an AIML pipeline for digital agriculture. In this talk, we provide an overview of these projects, some preliminary results, and work in progress. We present PROMISE in some detail highlighting the problems faced by the farmers in procuring quality inputs at affordable cost; we bring out how “farmer cooperatives” can creatively solve this problem with simple technology using standard tools from game theory and machine learning. These projects are supported by NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) and BEL (Bharat Electronics Limited).

Speaker Bio:
Y. Narahari is a Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The common thread in his current research is to apply game theory, mechanism design, and artificial intelligence techniques to research problems at the interface of computer science and economics. He has authored a book on Game Theory and Mechanism Design (IISc Press and World Scientific). One of his recent interests is to explore the applications of game theory and artificial intelligence to digital agriculture, especially in the Indian context. More details at:

Host Faculty: Arkaprava Basu