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Authenticated Encryption

Series: Department Seminar

Speaker: Dr Avik Chakraborti, ISI Kolkata

Date/Time: Jan 09 11:00:00

Location: CSA Seminar Hall (Room No. 254, First Floor)

Faculty Advisor:

Authenticated encryption (AE) is a symmetric-key cryptographic primitive for providing both confidentiality as well as authenticity. Due to the recent upsurge of communication networks, the era of the so-called Internet of Things, AE is expected to play a key role in securing these networks. Realizing, the importance of AE, several network protocol suites such as TLS, IPSec, SSH, IEEE 802.11i and few others have adopted the current AE standards. Understanding the inefficiencies of the current standards, some standardizing bodies have proposed standardization competitions for new AE submissions; CAESAR and NIST LWC competitions being the two most renowned among them. These competitions have given a huge boost in the domain of AE related researches. The presentation addresses both the directions of AE design and cryptanalysis. 1) It mainly covers the most popular design aspect in AE based research: Lightweight Cryptography, demonstrated with the design of COFB. 2) The talk also elucidates finding weaknesses from an AE scheme e.g, Cryptanalysis, demonstrated with the design Pi-Cipher. The presentation concludes with the summary of the other significant works and ongoing researches along with the possible future research directions. To be specific, the talk shall bring forth the essence of the work done during my research career, highlight my expertise along with my future projections.

Speaker Bio:
Avik is currently designated as a Lecturer-cum-PDF at the R.C Bose Center for Cryptology and Security, ISI Kolkata. He had been associated with NTT Secure Platform Laboratories, Tokyo, Japan as a Post-Doctoral Fellow from Dec, 2016 to Nov, 2019. Briefly stating about his research background, Avik has completed his PhD from ISI, Kolkata under the supervision of Dr. Mridul Nandi. Avik's research expertise revolves mainly around the real world aspects of Symmetric Key Cryptology and their implementations. His current projects are mainly based on lightweight cryptography where he is primarily working for the NIST Lightweight Cryptography competition for standardization.

Host Faculty: Prof. Matthew Jacob