Programming Test for MTech (CSE) Admissions

MTech (CSE) Admissions:

Starting 2021, applicants to the MTech (Computer Science and Engineering) programme of the Department of Computer Science and Automation, will be required to write a Programming Test. Offers of admission will be made based on the applicants’ GATE score (70% weightage) and Programming Test score (30% weightage).

Details of Programming Test for 2022:

The Programming Test will be conducted online on the 18th April, 2022 in the time window 09:00–12:00 hours, using the HackerEarth platform. The test will run for a continuous duration of 90 minutes once you have started the test. Submissions will close promptly at 12:00noon with no extensions granted. Thus the latest time by which you can start the test is 10:30 am. The link to the test will no longer be active after 10:30 am.

The Programming Test will be of 90 minutes duration, and will test the applicant’s skills in Algorithms, Data Structures, and Programming, based on the GATE (Computer Science) syllabus. The applicants will be allowed to use any language of their choice among C, C++, and Java. The link to the test is here:

The test will be conducted on the HackerEarth online testing  platform. Applicants are encouraged to try out the practice tests at

We recommend the Basic Programming, Data Structures, and Algorithms tests to familiarize oneselve with the testing platform. We also provide some sample test questions – sample-paper.pdf

Instructions for the test have been sent out to the candidates via the HackerEarth platform. Kindly look for an email from In case you have not received the email, please check your spam folder for an email from